Monday, June 16, 2014

15.06.2014 Hash number 1200
Red Dress Run

Participants: Stiff Nipples,Giving Head, (lucky you Jozsef) Haggis, Incredible Hulk, Baldric, Tittitata, Genital Man, Run by Battery, Better Laid Than Never, Rocking Horse and NFHN Judit.

As usual everyone met at Batthany Ter for what was according to according to our erstwhile friend Stiff Nipples our 1200th hash run.I for one won't argue with that, he is after all a professor and as such one assumes he can count!
A warm welcome was given to new girl Rocking Horse who has moved to Budapest and will be joining us regularly from now on.
As it was the Red Dress Run I was surprised to see two of the female hashers not attired in dresses of any colour.  ALL the men were of course dressed appropriately in red frocks, some even wearing red underwear apparently! I can't of course verify that but hey, they're hashers, nothing would surprise me!
The trail was laid by Baldric and his other half Tittitata (someone has to look after him) around the Castle District and district XII. The trail was a good one, the right mix of hills and some easier downhill stuff to give old farts like me a chance to get our breath back. A beer stop at the half way point was a welcome break, especially for NFHN Judit  who managed to look up my dress while I was talking to Haggis and espied my knickers! After quenching our thirst we continued on our trek onwards and upwards. Better Laid Than Never and I lost the trail but eventually caught up with the rest of the group as they were forming the circle. Someone, I know not who, had managed to get some COLD beer while they were waiting for us to arrive. Whoever it was will have my eternal gratitude, thank you,
thank you, thank you!!! While we were having the circle, a chap came over to complain about the fact there was a cemetery nearby. I think he thought we were too noisy. I've never heard of the dead complaining about anything! After being given short shrift from Baldric he then countered that there was a church behind us! I don't go to church (too busy having fun hashing) but I wouldn't complain about them singing their hymns! Never mind, it didn't spoil the fun. After the circle we went off to a local restaurant for some well earned food, drink and the usual good humoured banter. A good day, good weather, good trail and of course good company!

Genital Man  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We are having an Easter Sunday Egg Hunting and having Easter lunch on Sunday.
 Please sign up on the link below if you plan to attend. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Onon GH

Friday, January 3, 2014

1ST RUN OF 2014!!!


Our regular meting place is on Batthyany tér on the river bank, just across the Parlament. 

Hope to c many of u there!!!

Onon GH

Dear Friends in The Hash,

I'm sending out these photos particularly to those of you, who could be there yet have missed this fabulous hash run in Budapest, despite my f__king polite previous invitation. Just envy the smart us who were there! /:+))

Brief Hash Trash Report: Run # 1184
Turnout: Some twelve-some brave veteran BPH3 hashers and a Pole. (See cover photo)
Names: Check the pictures for names. It was difficult to follow the fluctuation. Some of us left too early, some of us came too late.
Virgins, visitors: Not f__king one.
Returnees: Most of us.
Location: Mostly in fog. Most of it in Törökvész Forest and in the vicinity of Árpád Outlook, I think, as much as I could see it.
Live Hare: Incredible Hulk.
Shitty trail: Incredibly shitty, as usual. If this was what you call a "welcome back" trail, well, I'll never come back again.../:+))
Circle Ceremony: Conducted by His Hash Honor RA, Professor Stiff Nipples, at his place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Hash Food: Pizzas at Stiff Nipples' place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Puzzling Beer Tasting Test: Conducted by Stiff Nipples at Stiff Nipples' place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Evaluation: Grade A+++! Unforgettable and unforgivable! Great run with a fantastic finishing debauchery! Congratulations! /:+))

Season's Greetings, Beers & Cheers and OnOn, Rabies (the Scribe)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hash on Sunday the 22nd of December, 2013

I am really glad that both of you will be there on Sunday, because we are planning a beer-tasting with Stiff Nipples. We still have the beer what we bought for the Anniversary Event beer-tasting and didnt do it then. So we will do a beer tasting at our place after the hash on this upcoming Sunday and welcoming our long not seen ex-GM.

Would be great if many others could join us. Even would be better if you could let me know whether you will be there or not. It would help with the preparation to know the exact number of people turning up.
So please sign up by opening the link below. and hope to see you on Sunday!

Onon GH

Thursday, December 5, 2013

                           Onon GH

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hangover Run #1179

27 October 2013

Hares: Baldric and Tititata
Pack: Run by Battery, Genital Man, 10 Minutes Late, Giving Head, Stiff Nipples, Meer Cat Pussy, Sextax, Pussy Willow, Dick Dastardly, Likk'mm, Multiple Entry, Incredible Hulk, Haggis, Smokey Donkey

For a Hangover Run there was a good and, it has to be said, spritely turnout on Sunday. Clearly, those years of beer drinking training for the 30th anniversary celebrations had not gone to waste. Stiff Nipples, our RA was too modest to take credit for arranging the glorious warm weather for the weekend, but we all know he put in a good word for us with the Hash Gods.
We took the tram to Gellért and headed on up towards the statue. On the way we had to commiserate with those relaxing on sun beds besides the Gellért thermal pools. If only knew how much real pleasure they could be having climbing a steep hill in search of a blob of flour. And how will we know that we are on a hill without the accompanying moaning from 10 Minutes Late who now tackles them with the agility of a mountain goat?
There were stunning Hash Views all round and our Hares even managed to arrange for Father Abraham to be sung around the statue of Abraham in the Garden of Philosophy - the attention to Hash detail is truly commendable.

Then it was on on to our regular Beer Stop in the Castle District. Unbeknown to a solitary drinker, quietly studying his holiday photographs whilst waiting for his family to join him, he was soon to be surrounded by his new Hash friends, gasping for alcohol. However, he graciously acknowledged that he was perhaps not quite ready for this new experience and disappeared with his bemused family to the strains of "He's alright....." Will they ever return to Budapest I wonder? Off to a Rétes Stop next and a chance to meet Wash and Blow, NFHN Balázs, and little Aliz (in Wonderland). Alize demonstrated some pretty impressive step climbing, clearly in training for haring a trail soon that includes as many steps as Baldric's!

And so the trail finished amidst the usual confusion- the walkers arriving at the wrong German restaurant and the beer at Batthyány tér but the circle beside Király Gyógyfürdö. After the circle, Baldric decided to roll about in the leaves until it was pointed out that whilst he thought they were full of grit, it was more likely they contained something that rhymes with grit!!
Throughout the weekend celebrations, Baldric was our co-Hare; co-RA and co-median, with some dodgy joke telling. Hash Trash Joke Alert: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Damn!!
I'm sure those of you who missed the celebrations are beating yourselves up now over what fun you missed! Don't despair though as googling 'The Budapest Hash House Harriers' brings up a 2002 entry on xpatloop which states, 'The BH3 was founded in 1985 and is today running stronger than ever..... The average turnout is now around 30 each week'. Yes 30 runners, running strongly, but since 1985! Surely this weekend was not a case of 'Premature Celebration'! Does it mean we can repeat all again in 2 years time? I hope so.
Thanks to all those who contributed to making it a great time - you know who you are.


Pussy Willow


Anniversary Run #1178

26 October 2013

Hare: Rabies
Pack: Incredible Hulk, Haggis, Pussy Willow, SexTax, Sunny Side Up, Burnt Toast, Giving Head, Stiff Nipples, Meer Cat Pussy, Baldric, Tititata, Eager Beaver, Dick Dastardly, Likk'mm, Multiple Entry, Wash and Blow, NFHN Balázs and little Aliz, HairBall and Pox, Pedalling Pussy, NFHN Marina and Ági

After Friday Night Pub Crawl it was an impressive number of people attending. With usual hash mis-management finally we got to our start point where Rabies gave instructins on our local hash signes. After Multiply Entry blessing the Hare of the Day and the trail, the runners head off - Head who said Head? Passing by Puskás Öcsi the legendary football player we were united with the walkers in the Amphitheatrum for Father Abraham song: our version and from our visitor's the Birmingham version as well. Our trail went on and up with some spectacular views and challenging climbing. The runners arrived at the usual un-official Beer Stop at Fenyőgyöngye where the waiters are familiar with our sloppy appearance for a Sunday Lunch-time beer. We met the short-cutting walkers at the official beer-stop at Pálvölgyi barlang where zsíros-kenyér and pogácsa went well with the beer. 

We were hoping that the trail would go straight down to our starting point from Pálvölgyi maybe with an additional cake stop at Daubner but no, it was not the case. Only HairBall and Pox had the guts to do that and the trail continued still going up and down on the hills of Rózsadomb and the neighbourhooding slopes. Being the end of October weather was wonderful -  our RA did a great job, maybe too damn good for this time of the year - so we didnt mind the f***ing long trail and finally got to our final destination: not for the day but at least for the trail to our starting point at the bank of the Danube. The circle went on and on for hours with Multiply Entry's 'watch my little finger' announcement before every hash-song. We could be still there if we couldnt have to leave to get ready for the Anniversary Dinner at Stefania.  So singing the Hash Hymn we were done with our 30th Anniversary Run circle.

For the 30th Anniversary Dinner we gathered at Stefánia that was the former officer club of the Hungarian Army. We had an 'All you can Eat and unlimited Drink Buffet' style dinner. I guess the hosts were not aware how much true Hashers can drink. I am wondering if we can ever get an other reservation to that place again or they are on bankruptcy by now...
The birthday cake was a fantastic one from Daubner with chocolate-mousse filling and covered with marzipan with On-On-On written on. We had an excellent memorable time; even though some of the Hashers had difficulty to recall that the next day.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013



PUB CRAWL - Registration 5.30pm 

Pointer's Pub Madách tér 5, 1075 Budapest Meeting Place for Pub Crawl



Meeting Point - usual Batthany tér 30th Anniversary Run Meeting Point


Meeting Point:  Stefánia út 34-36, 1146 Budapest Stefánia Palota


HANGOVER RUN - 11.30am

Meeting Point - usual Batthany tér 30th Anniversary Run Meeting Point

If you need further information, contact

Giving Head - or +36 20 777 0428

Run by Batteries - or +36 30 297 2783

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Budapest HHH are celebrating 30 years of hashing !!!

It will be the weekend 25-27 October! 

Come and join the old farts in one of the best Capital Cities in Europe!
There will be accommodation organised, pub-crawl, trails, party and goody-bag.

Budapest has got some of the cheapest beer, most beautiful women, best culture (opera, museums, city architecture etc) and biggest variety of Palinka (fruit spirits) in Europe. This is a city not to be missed!

You can now see more details, see FAQ and register on here:

Pub Crawl,
Trails for R*nners & Wankers,
Beer (from local micro-brewery),
Fun !!!!!

Prices For the Basic Registration:
EarlyBird (paid upto 20 Aug) 88 Euro
Standard (paid upto 20 Sept) 99 Euro
Late  110 Euro

Accommodation (price 'each for weekend' may be limited to early bookers, confirmed at time of booking - singles or later booking please ask) :
Hostel  shared - 125 Euro
Hotel double - 150 Euro


 R*N Reports of 2013 for the Bupasest HHH

Happy Reading :-)   OnOn!!!

07/14/13 Run # 1163 (Hash Splash #2)
Paddlers: BangCock, Stiff Nipples, Giving Head

We did the same trip as last year.  We met  quite early 10 AM sharply at the boat house at Romai.  After taken care of the official business (filling out the form for renting) we took the canoe to the Danube and started paddling.  We had only one beerstop on our way upstream to Lupa Island; eventhough, the crew were demanding more.  The second beer stop had to wait until we arrived to Lupa.  We see the residues of the flood.   The residents were busy cleaning their properties.  We had dinner in the only one restaurant in the island, which was followed by the usual circle.  We arrived back to Romai early afternoon.  Great weather, lots of beer, so you missed a lot if you were not there.

Stiff Nipples

07/07/13  #1162
Hare: Incredible Hulk
Runners:, Stiff Nipples, Giving Head
Walkers: BangCock, Eager Beaver, Ten Minutes Late and NFHN Ági

Beautiful day, our RA did a good job with the weather. Since we had two cars, we decided to go to Pilisvörösvár to the Rotburger brewery, First thing upon arrival, we went in for a drink and some food as well. Hulk went off to set the trail while we set down to drink and eat and to take a couple of nice photos. Hope those will come up soon J

Off we went to the trail that started in the town and continued in a half residential area and led to the forest nearby. There were pinetrees and it smelled really wonderful in the mid-summer heat. Blue sky without a cloud, slopes and beautiful flowers spotted acre. We approached the stone-mine and followed to a cukrászda where we had been before. Wonderful cakes and icecream. Unfortunately the walkers missed the sign for the sweet-shop but finally everybody was united at the starting point.

Had a couple of good beers, picked up more bottles and went off to the circle. Usual foolish punishments and hash songs and we drove back to Budapest around 6ish.

Great day, great trail, great company.
See you next week!

Ps: Hash splash date has not been decided yet, will be announce shortly.

Naming: 06/30/13
Hot Clitty - San Francisco/Oregon
Perverted Pierced Prince (PPP) - 3P’s - California 

Hash Report of Run #1155, May 19th, 2013

Hare : BangCock
Runners: Incredible Hulk, Inspect Her Monistat (from Chicago H3), NFHN Ryan, NFHN Sean, NFHN Prakash and myself Giving Head
Walkers: Haggis, Hot Steam, Run by Batteries, NFHN Colin aka Genital Man, Ten Minutes Late

It was a beautiful day, the right weather for hashing. Not too hot, a bit breazy. Our missing RA Stiff Nipples leaved up to expectations and did really a good job even being sick.

We had a pre-set trail that we dont have too often nowdays and it worked out well both for the runners and for the walkers. We started from Árpád bridge, on the Buda side and the runners did a D-tour before entering Hajógyári sziget just across Árpád híd HÉV station. The run was on and around the island: climbing some wire fences, crossing play-grounds and grasslands. Of course the runners f*cked up at some point – or did the Hare do it??? The walkers had a nice stroll and we all met for a beer stop in a bar almost at the other end of the island.

We had a good circle including our 3 visitors - two of them Virgins - from Chicago and another Virgin from France. The guys were funny and they had a lot to learn and listen to all our usual jokes and songs.
NFHN Colin finally got named, after setting a trail with Bangcock two weeks ago. As you could see on the photos, his naming ceremony was rather intense and memorable. NFHN Colin from now on and for ever in any Hash all over the world is Genital Man.

We all had a good lunch joined by Rabies at a small restaurant crossing the bridge, just across Kaszásdűlő. Pedalling Pussy called in for joining for Lunch but finally never got there

Great hash, great people, great day J If you werent there, you missed a good one!

Ps: if you want to join our Budapest Hash3 mailing list, can sign up here on the left side: The web-sight is still in the process of beeing updated.

# 1148 Hash report, 31.03.2013

This week's hash was attended by the usual locals who were joined by 11 hashers from the  FUKFMHHH, including Trigamist, who was well remembered by the locals and RbB in particular, having been a regular Budapest hasher in the past. The weather unfortunately was cold, wet and miserable so it was decided to have the hash in the Castle district instead of Normafa as originally  intended. Trigamist was the hare and set the trail. He should have had an assistant with him but the individual concerned decided to learn the intricacies of laying a trail later in the year in more pleasant weather (wimp). Confusion reigned right from the outset as the runners trotted off towards Lanchid Hid closely followed by the hare. The remaining hashers picked up the trail but very quickly went off track despite protestations from BangKoK that we should be following the river. Alas, his advice was ignored and the group proceeded along Fo Utca towards the Castle. After a look around the Castle the group attempted to pick up the trail again but were thwarted by an official from proceeding in the desired direction by insisting on a charge of 1500Huf per person to  enter the central courtyard. The group then left the Castle and took shelter in a nearby hostelry. Whilst sitting in the warm, dry environs of the cosy little bar RbB received a phone call from the other group informing her of their whereabouts. They too were were partaking of liquid refreshment in a bar located just around the corner from the starting point. After enticing them out with an offer of free ale the circle was held across the street. The usual raucous songs were sung plus some I hadn't heard before. In spite of all the noise and the drinking of alcohol in the street on Easter Sunday  we were not arrested and remain free to do the same again next week. On On! Colin

#1147 - 03-24, 2013
Hash Report:

We failed to nominate a scribe, so I will report the events of Yesterday.

Incredible Hulk arrived before the 11:30 meeting time, to be a lonely hasher. There was a girl hanging around, so I was going to ask her if she was waiting for the hash, but I think she thought I was going to ask how much she charges and she moved away :-)

Bangkok arrived looking like a mini-version of Santa in his red outfit, then Run-by-Battery pulled in (alone this time since Colin-NFN was sleeping off his liquid dinner from last night), then we spotted the familiar but not-seen-in ages funny legs running towards us. Was it... Could it be...??  Yes, it really was our Baldrick and Titty-Tatta !!  Finally, the last to arrive, shamefully late was Eager Beaver (not living up to her name).

Then, the local Police came over and complained that Hulk & RBB had parked they cars illegally, blocking in other parked cars. But as it was time to go anyway, no problem, we all left for KFK Normafa.

Our returning long-lost ex-RA was handed a bag of flour and 2 balls. He remembered what his balls were for, and made good use of them, bouncing them on the ground to leave a nice splot of flour. So the hares Baldrick and Titty-Tatta headed off down the road, balls in hand. As it was about -2C, the walkers and Hulk started off walking after them soon, going slow enough for them to get well ahead before Incredible started running a bit. Despite the call from the hares as they left that there would only be a "few checks", there were plenty! One of the first was near a dead, rather large wild boar (must have died of shock at the sight of Baldrick with his performing balls). 

A lot of the ground was well frozen, the the hard soil crunchy under-foot. Bangkok said "At least it isn't muddy"... Famous last words...  Wherever the path was on a south-facing slope, the frozen ground had turned to sticky mud, sticking to our boots so that even RBR seemed to be at least an extra 5 cm taller. The trail continued down hill and up along a pretty, but muddy small track, eventually turning back towards the main part of the forest, when we came upon another check. Incredible Hulk was there long before the others, and climbed the hills to the top on the right and left, and all other possible trails, with no sign of flour. The walkers arrived and all spread out searching. Eventually we spotted a few grains of flour on a small tree, and headed through the undergrowth, following the trail again. Onwards, the group made it to the aircraft wing and then on the route back to the cars. But the flour didn't go that way, it went off to the right. We guessed that Baldrick remembered the Forest Lodge, with a potential beer stop. That is where we ended up. A few drinks, some soup, and when after the liquid intake there was a need to get rid of some, Baldrick asked where the toilet was - but the reply was they don;t have one. Very odd for a commercial restaurant! The guys went outside to water the trees. When some other Lady guests asked the same question, they also had to go out to the forest (Bangkok had his camera ready in case of interesting shots). 

The remaining Hashers who had stayed for soup, IH, Bangkok and the hares, headed back to the car for a short circle (although with only 4, it was more of a square). The usual down-downs were followed by a rousing chorus of Swing-Low, then all departed homewards.

Another Excellent Hashing Day !!! 

OnOn !!!

Hash #1144 aka the Two HHH (hairy hare hash)

Waking up with a hangover, not checking the time and stupidly arriving 1 hour earlier to the meeting point resulted in being the scribe... (Note to myself: next time do not share your stupidity with hashers)
 Anyway, it started as a beautiful spring Sunday. All nice and sunny waiting for the hashers to show up ON TIME, had plenty of time to fight the hangover off with a slice of pizza followed by a 5k run.
Hashers started to appear slowly and a group of 10ish including a VIRGIN gathered by 12:00 when we set off for Hűvösvölgy where the trail was planned to start. Hares were The Incredible Hulk with great expirience in leading the followers through all kind of terrain and myself who wanted to see how this is done in real time. Off we set with a supposed 15 minutes lead across the local hills. Not trusting hashers giving us the aggred time to start with, we ran out fast and check-points were often. I got insight how our Incredible choose the taril according to what hashers might belive the trail would continue, so choosing another path and laying out a false trail. Saw signs of boars in the woods too, luckily didn't bump into them. At one point we saw civilization when reached a glider airfield and choose that we would lead the hashers back to our starting point. And so we did! Got back to the hash vehicles safe and sound. Not knowing how far the runners were behind us, we agreed to pop into the bar next to us and wait there with a beer in hand. For Hulk's delight in the bars garden a portrait of him could be found! Almost finished our beers when the runners appeared and shortly the walkers followed.
Can't really say anything about how the runners and walkers struggled, i just hope they did!
As you might predict the circle was formed and our beloved RA initiated the ceremony. First us the hairy hares (both having a long beard) got into he middle. The VIRGIN followed, Edina if i recall correctly. After a short introduction she down-downed a few sips of fizzy WATER!!! Had the same impression with Jaws that she is not of a hasher material and that was the first and last time we saw her. I wish we wrong, she would be a nice addition to the BPHHH being a pretty face. During the circle all the hashers had their turn in the middle for doing something that the others could pick on. Hash songs and down-downs followed one another ending by the our Hymn.
The sun was high, hitting almost 3pm, many of us were hungry and stormed in a restaurant close by. Unfortunately Natasha and her VIRGIN friend didn't join us for the feast but when we got our pre-meal beers no one cared. It was pizza Sunday for the hash, as all of us ordered the round pasta. Mamma mia, was it nice!! During lunch we talked about various topics and reached for our beers frequently. As this establishment we sat in has been visited by the hashers before, Jaws and BC were looking for a familiar waitress. Sadly she wasn't around, maybe we could've had a discount.???
Anyway, pizza-beer was gone bill was paid and the hashers said adieu to eachother until the next hash.
Sleazy Jet

 PS: Have to say it was a great opportunity to learn the little tricks of haring but being a hasher forgot almost everything already! So i don't see myself laying out the trail alone just yet.

Hash Run #1143/a

the number #1143/b is left for hashers at Ber

Participants: Jaws, Eager Beaver, Stiff Nipples

The core of the Budapest hash (3 members) despite the heavy rain turned up at the Batthyanyi square meeting place.  Taking into consideration the wether we walked along the Danube to Margit bridge, cross the bridge to the island and walk on & in the running trail to Arpad bridge.  The two gentlemen of the company (despite they live in the Pest side) offered to our lady participant that we should go to Buda to find a bar closer to her place.  We ended up at Fo ter where after couple of minutes search and couple of closed bars we found a very reasonable pub.  The korso of the house of the beer (retro Kobanyai) was 290 Ft.  We had a wonderful time.  We were engaging into conversation with the locals and enjoying each others company by listening to excellent stories and having couple of beers in the meanwhile.  Even the best things must end at some point so we decided to leave.  Jaws informed Stiff Nipples that the New York pizza place is only 15 minutes away and suggested to go there for lunch.  Stiff Nipples never against any good suggestions so the two of them started to run towards to the pizza place where they arrived an hour later.  According to Jaws all the delay is resulted from the walking and the slow running.  His estimation was perfect and right on time. The pizza was OK.  Almost at the end the meal I got a phone call from Zsuzsa, Jaws was ready to take off for a concert so we departed.

Stiff Nipples reporting from the trail

Run # 1140 February 3rd, 2013
Hash Report – February 3

The morning was grey, with horizontal snow blowing across the Danube and around the small group of dedicated Hashers. Hulk, Haggis, Stiff Nipples, Giving Head, Hot Steam, Eager Beaver and Bancock were in discussion over which muddy hills should be conquered this week when the long-lost Pedaling Pussy arrived. It seems like the first time in years (sadly she is forced to work most Sundays).

The Hash on this day consisted of hot passion, sex, intense relationships, even with conception and eventually death !     So only read on if you are not of a weak and feeble disposition.....  !!!!!!!

To reach these heights, the hashers headed away from the river, fighting their way through the driven snow, eventually reaching the safety of a well used refuge, Trombitas at Moscow Ter (I know it has some other silly name now, but it is still Moscow ter really). The intrepid Hashers recuperated from the cold, with beer, coffee or hot wine, before braving the elements again all the way to Mammut, where they bravely scaled up the steps to the door (all except Pedaling Pussy who wanted to go on a proper hash in the wilds). The remaining hashers fought their way through the population, climbing multiple hazardous escalators (fortunate 10 Minutes Late was not here, the altitude could have been too much for him). Eventually they reached their quest, and got their tickets, then made their way to room 11 and up to row 10 where they all settled down in the dark.

After a while, the film Anna Karenina started and the hashers sat back and either watched or gently snoozed.  At the end all agreed it was well worth seeing. 

The idea to hold a circle in the middle of the second floor area was not approved of, so hashers, tired after the exertions of the day either went to eat some fish, or headed home to bed (to prepare for a night full of sweat and passion – that is, watching the Super Bowl).

Here Endeth The Hash Today.


Run #1139 January 27, 2013
Firstly, I have to reflect on the injustice (hahh, what else to expect) regarding the fact I have to write up again!

Pox was driving to town yesterday morning when we called to figure out IF our Mismanagement has made up their mind of the where about of the hash.

1. Running by Battery - no answer.

2. Giving Head - picked it up : 'I don't know, we are not there, yet'... (Don't know how far they were at 11:40...)

At 11:45 RbB called back to tell us, she is ALMOST there... (Forgot to ask Colin if she was coming)

... Pox already holding up the entire traffic on Alkotás utca driving with 10km/h ... 

Finally at 11:50 received the directive call, so rushed to targeted point to be on time. 
There we waited for 30 more minutes before our darling hashers turned up very cheerfully, prewarmed by Nemgünther's bottle of whiskey (don't know what more the man wants, he already had a farewell party!).

Anyway, WELL ON TIME, we all took off following the ambitious trails set by Rabies and SJ. After couple of hours hiking in the ankle deep snow we all felt like Amudsen on dec.14, 1911 with one minor difference : we've reached the summit of the Hármashatár-hegy! Great view! But that was about half way. Luckily our trail could only descend from this point but knowing Rabies, non of us was really surprised to find that we ended up on the completely other side of this geographical formation. And then we marched back covering all the last little bits and pieces on the Buda mountains tourist-trail map! Just when finishing with last signs of a blue cross in a white square, for our greatest delight we discovered we ENDED UP at the humble maison of Maggie's. Within a minute we all poured in grabbed a beer and invaded every possible sitting unit. Circle was shortly set while Maggie and Running by Battery jumped in action in the kitchen (and then they say that Hungarian women's hospitality is unbeatable :-). Circle went on and on, onon, completely exhausting Colin, who after a while thought of resting a bit on a chair .... IN THE CIRCLE!!! God knows what this man thinks of himself! He was only saved by the arrival of magnificent dishes - great pasta, salad, delicious bread with expansive cheese board selection - great freebies to please the hungry hasher! Thank you Maggie and Jerry! 

Notes :
1. Great News: Rabies is off soon for a vacation! He will entertain his noxious self for TWO month :-) on the Southern Hemisphere. God save the Aussies!
2. Csillagom was kindly explaining yesterday, that our poor 10MinutesLate will only return to our hash once the snow has melted away, because after his knee operation it is really difficult .... Rubbish! The man is in Izrael, saving up on his winter heating coast! He will definitely deserve a down-down! 


# 1138  January 20, 2013

@ 9:45, I (HairBall) carried the tea to our bedroom, opened the curtains, handed the cup to Pox, who looked up on the clock and said 'but I was still deep a sleep!' So, I told him, at least now he has time enough to consider wheather he wants to socialize this morning... - ...half a minute silence... - 'Oh, this hash ....'  Anyway, preparations went on, breakfast took place and eventually we made it to the right place - this time - to meet up other fellow hashers.

Hash was very simple. Hardly any snow, flat terrain. Ahead of us was our Hare wearing incredible LongJohns  with a lovely Hulk pattern. He was running around with a plastic container (former clothes softener) filled with some unidentified yellowish powder and obviously (for the great amusement of about 5000 people enjoying winter sports at and about Normafa) working very hard on the demarcation of every possible dog-pee stain around the trees. Too bad, he missed some. But Zeno, our virgin hasher made sure the rest was covered :-). At the third check point BC came up with his theory based on statistical data AND 20 odd years 'experience' suggesting 'the trail follows straight through in 90% of all cases'. Well, this was that other 10% - obviously he hasn't hash enough with Hulk.... Anyway, after this minor incident we didn't really need to check anymore, just followed our front runner who had a nose on the trail (saving plenty of time on all the silly false trails) at least all the way to the Wine Stop. On that crucial last 10 meters we lost Haggis, Maggie, Running on Batteries and Colin - must have been the fast setting fog. However this little inconvenience did not hold back SOME hashers who took the opportunity to purchase warm alcoholic beverages from the Hungarian minority who was heavily engaged in the international Fair-trade business. But of course it is always challenging to please the hasher and indeed SOME started to complain right after the first sip about the proportions given on the sugar/alcohol base... Before this lament could reach the heights of discrimination (meanwhile having 4 hash members lost in calling each others and other hash members with little success ((however managing to drop a phone right in the deepest patch of snow - must claim it on the high sugar content)), Hulk decided to look for Haggis. This event took 15 minutes because there was ONE station for the bus no.21. After being properly chilled out, eventually our hash took on again and finished the trail right before the steam locomotive started off from the Csillebérc Station.

Circle. There were some odd events occurring, like Maggie dropping down into the snow and waving with arms and spreading-closing legs while calling for Colin... This was shortly followed by Running-on-Batteries, however NOT calling for Colin... Circle was set around a small and a large snowman - latter was decorated with a fairly bent twig, O.K, lets call it a branch, by RoB. These events left some hashers wondering about .... who stopped wondering right at the moment Csillagom started to 'ride' on the twig... (sorry, branch....). For the rest, circle was not worth mentioning apart from missing (mind my English, I know, it's not the right word) TenMinutesLate. He missed out on the rare opportunity enjoying the moment that our song '..and this man has NO balls at all...' was addressed to our virgin hasher this time :)

A forgettable event it was, as you can see. Maybe next week but I wonder ...


Ps. Since we don't eat out with this bunch, called SmallPox from the car and ordered him to make a lovely fire, rushed home, had a hot bath with Dead-sea minerals and Campari-orange juice ...

#1137 January 13, 2013

Run # 1137 ? (with one quetion mark only)
Venue: Buda Hills - starting at the end of bus line #11
Hare: Incredible Hulk

Participants (not in the rank of importance but in alphabetical order):
Runners or fast walkers:
Butt Buddy, Giving Head, Rabies, Sleazy Jet, Stiff Nipples

Walkers or talkers:
Bang Cock, Eager Beaver, Haggis, Hot Steam, 10 Minutes Late for 10 minutes

Nice crowd turned up at Batthyany square at 12:30.  You can guess that who writes the scribe was the one who arrived last.  It was quick decision - the trail should start at the last stop of bus #11. The nominated hare (Incredible Hulk) drove his car and taking four other hashers with him.  The rest of the group took the public transportation.  The hare grow up to his task early on and skillfully find his way and arriving first to the starting point.  Nice snow covered the hills and the trail was quite slippery.  10 Minutes Late still not completely recovered from his scary experience two weeks earlier and “freaked” out within few minutes.  We missed him and even in his absence the group sang BC’s favorite song in the circle to commemorate to him.
The trail had some twists.  We learned how to fly over the snow and not leaving footprints behind us. Over all it was fun and everybody survived with no injury.  The Holy Hash Circle Ceremony was conducted by our RA.  In the circle we heard a Cleveland hash song from Butt Buddy and learned that the Hash miss-management works exactly the same way in Cleveland as in Budapest.  He was elected to be the GM on a meeting which he did not participate.  The take home message is that “You have to bear responsibilities for your actions even if you do not act at all.”
We closed the circle by singing the hash hymn.  Here you can listen to the inspirational song of Johnny Cash  "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.":
It is true the song was later be chosen to be the Official England Rugby World Cup 2003 song
but originates from the US:
The song is a nice example of the interatlantic cultural relationship between the US & UK.
After the circle we ended up at Trombitas to have a nice dinner and drink more beer.


Stiff Nipples - reporting from the trail

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Budapest HHH are celebrating 30 years of hashing !!!

It will be the weekend 25-27 October! 

Come and join the old farts in one of the best Capital Cities in Europe!
There will be accommodation organised, pub-crawl, trails, party and goody-bag.

Budapest has got some of the cheapest beer, most beautiful women, best culture (opera, museums, city architecture etc) and biggest variety of Palinka (fruit spirits) in Europe. This is a city not to be missed!

Details of the registration to follow shortly !!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hash Splash will be on July 14th – yeah on Bastille Day ;). 

So te hash will have a non-standard meeting time, meet at 10:00  !!!

We plan to follow the same route as last year. Start at Romai, paddle upstream to Lupa Island and come back. Having the circe and lunch at Lupa Island which should include many beers. 

 If you plan to come please send an e-mail or call to GH (20-777-0428) and we will reserve the canoe for you. If the price did not increase from last year then it should cost $2500/day/canoe – appr for 4 persons.