Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bratislava Weekend

The cast of characters arrived: Sue Williams, Hannah Rhodes, Birgitta Zoltan, Tania Demchuk And Angela, Jim McConnon, Ed Corcoran Eva Hermstad, Dave Fenner Rabies, Ildiko and their Guests, Sue Trallyay and Colin Sadler.

Ed forgot his passport and Tania arrived quite late hence she was named something appropriate.

Four cars made it to Bratislava and hooked up with Peter Tatrallyay and the other party animals at a pub---


On the pub crawl Rabies's gang upheld the Budapest sloth and debauchery.

One hasher said that he woke up in a gutter surrounded by loose change. On Saturday morning Hans and Karen joined 50 of us who got on a 40 seater bus for our trip to Ceveny Kamen, (this is not a yeast infection) 45 minutes outside if the city- As the name indicates Hotel Hydrostav Was a commie special with no honeymoon suites available--ever!!

The three hour hike in the woods was enchanced by bottles of becherovka songs, frequent beer stops, sun, castles and strong aromas partially due to the lentil soup from lunch. The sheriff did not miss much so the down downs were all inclusive.

The naming ceremonie is unique. The circle members are given either a handful of flour or a beer. The hasher to be named kneels, shirt off or with no shirt you ever want to wear again. The hash master throws the first blob and all the others follow making them look like pancake mix at the finish. We named Tania, "On Time" for obvious reasons. Ed Corcoran we fondly called "One Short" Ed's name was given because he sometimes says things that would indicate the he is "One olive short of a Martini".

The party And raffle at night where a gas especially after the cabbage soup. Same never made it to dinner after the Down downs. Sunday was back to Bratislava, another hash in the woods and lunch at a pub - DUH!!" It was a great weekend. Thanks to Wing Commander for organising it!!

The Hash Scribe

Sue Grasshopper Tatrallyay