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Last fall's riots: A documentary

Peter Tatrallyai is a veteran member to the Budapest Hash House Harriers. He was one of the innocent victims of police terror, interviewed in the here attached documentary clip, one of those many unlucky people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, namely in Budapest on the 23rd of October 2006. Being a Canadian-Hungarian citizen, Peter used to be the spokesman at the yearly "Terry Fox" charity runs on Margitsziget island for ages, an event normally attended also by many from BH3. I just wonder if Peter is going to be in the Margtszigeti Stadium on the next Budapest Terry Fox Run, collecting again money for local cancer research?

OnOn, Rabies

Here is the video from the site, it's all in Hungarian, a bit bloody but interesting to watch since there are close up shot from what happened up close to the events last year.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feburary 25th - #837 Red Dress Run

Hares: Rabies and BB

TO Rabies:

Here's the report. Can you put it where it should go (not the bin) and include me on the mailing list.

Apologies for wrong names etc. as I'm only new.



To bed at 8am, dragged myself out at 11, metro, tram, ran down rakpart, unusually large amounts of pigeons about - strange, to see a river of red in the distance. Lots of joviality as I was last arriving, mainly from men dressed in red dresses - odd.

Offered some 'Rabies made' mulled wine which was drunk during photo session and hash cash payment. Flask of wine and BB's (he was dressed in red dressing gown and old maids wig) broom was deposited in BB's car where Rabies was presented with a blond wig and red head band. Rabies and BB, the hares, led the run to start with - strange, and the Dyke (dressed in shimmering red skirt from the 80s), nursing a sprained ankle from hash on ice, led the walkers.

The trail had been laid (for 2 hours) the previous day with the surprise decision to use Trill as the markers, so very popular with the flying rats. A number of times the runners were looking carefully for markers to be faced with scared pigeons flying towards scared runners faces. Route went directly from Batthyany ter, more or less straight up many steps to enter the castle walls with the hares checking the checks hadn't been too badly bird damaged.

Unusual checks on the way like ones with circles around posts. Also a few false trails which lay undamaged (strange fact that pigeons don't like food in an F shape). Early checkpoints were no problem until a lady check (two circles with nipples) appeared.

The walkers caught up and helped, but to their disgrace the hares had to show them the way. Came across the memorial to the last Turkish defender of the city which called for a rendition of father Abraham (for those who don't know it involves a lot of arm and leg movements in some kind of coordination).

The route continued, up surprisingly, to the military museum square where a man supposed to be taking a picture of his wife took one of Hulk (dressed in red evening wear from only the best fashion charity houses that London has to offer) instead. We were all getting different reactions from members of the public. From the completely shocked, to the everyday occurrence of Budapest hashes finest dashing round dressed in red shouting on, on. Great views and some downhill, through what the girls were led to believe was a men's toilet entrance, to Bangkok's route from 3 weeks earlier. A few falsies down the steps but this time we stayed on the flat and to a square with horse and rider statue.

Rabies drew our attention to the shiny balls (of the horse not the rider) which had been caused by students touching them for good luck in their exams. A few of us climbed up to do the same even though our exam times look long over. Apparently the penis had been broken off the horse by a female student using it as a handle to get to the testicles...such is life.

Onto a nearby beer stop in a quaint old pub only big enough for Hash Cash and Dyke so most sat outside drinking one of Hungary's finest beers - Gosser from Austria, and cracking a few sexist jokes, and less funny ones. It was time to go but Linda (in red post-shower outfit, I think) had just brought a beer and Andy (red BHHH top) couldn't finish his straight away, so the seasoned drinkers sang 'why are we waiting'. Perhaps it was the beer but I cant remember much of the rest of the route, but it must have included all the sites around the fisherman's bastion as one mark looked like it had been laid by the fisherman himself after too many fish.

The runners who were drivers and the runners who didn't want the extra mileage (kilometerage) turned off, but 6 runners followed Rabies on his extra run including walker now runner, Svetlana (wearing special running jeans...oh and red coat). This route went through the palace area and an attempted short cut through a museum, but the exit was blocked so funny looking discussion between Rabies and ticket seller, being very professional, like its OK to have a man dressed in shorts and blond wig in her museum. Down to Erzsebet bridge and up lots of steps to the citadel taking in fantastic views across the Duna. Dropped down again to Rabies house meeting up with walkers delivered by car for a down down in the garden. This was run by Hash Cash who had a little altercation with Bangkok who finished his beer off over Hash Cash. Neighbours wandering what was going on, disturbing their quiet Sunday afternoon, a few driving off for less noisy surroundings.

A few misdemeanors, like technology use, but fortunately no lack of hash wear, as I'd left mine at home in the rush. To Rabies abode, where his wife had prepared much needed soup and bread. Polished off a few beers creating a beer tower with the empties, knocked over by the less sober. Everyone in good spirits (except the parrot) with intellectual discussions on why there was a security chain and lock on the toilet (by the parrot). Then it was time to go as BB was threatening to take off his shoes. Most got a lift back with BB and Dyke but Linda, Zsuzsa, Brit lady whose name I cant remember and myself caught the bus back to the poor areas. Altogether a fun day had by all even though Latrine didn't get to fall over after 3 attempts.


Hulk's Sideshow

The Real Bang Cock

All I can say is OUCH!!!

I want to comment on yesterday's trail.

To those who missed it, you missed a great event. We had a goodly group of hashers in attendance and attracted one virgin, Aggie from Hungary via Bath in England. It turned out to be the Budapest Hash's First Red Dress Run thanks to several stalwarts who cast their fates to the wind and actually came wearing bonifide red dresses. Those brave souls were our own Incredible Hulk, BB and Dyke as you can see from the pictures Hulk graciously forwarded.

Also notable and deserving comment was Rabies for his "flowing golden tresses". BB is to be complimented too for the "hair transplant" that he was sporting and of course the Dyke was lovely in her flowing red dress and boa. Even her ankle brace looked wonderful. Mind you, Rabies and BB did get many funny stares but Hulk was actually stopped by two young Italian(?) tourists who demanded to have their picture taken with him wearing his "elegant" frock.

The Hash Gods did smile on us as it was a bit cold but was a beautiful dry day. The trail did keep us warm though running/walking up and down through the Castle district and later through the Gellert hill area. (That part did have this "runner" having to put forth some extra effort.)

We had much humor on the trail mainly trying to find it. Our Hares in their infinite wisdom decided to use corn flour instead of white flour and most of it either blew away or was eaten by the pigeaons. It must have been comical to watch us looking for a few grains of yellow trail marks.

It was a good trail though and was suitably enjoyed by all attendees. The beer stop was a good one and at the "On After", Mrs. Rabies provided some excellent food for the troops. This was much appreciated as it was getting a bit chilly outside in
the circle.

All in all it was an event that the Budapest Hash can be proud of. Mes compliments aux hares.



Hi Hashers

I agree, it was a really fun day and all the red ladies were gorgeous. Many thanks Ildikó for inviting us in from the cold and serving up that delicious warming soup and toasted bread.
On, on

Nicola's pictures from the hash

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