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Hash Trash November 1st 2009

Trail: Szépjuhászné - Erzsébet-kilátó - Szépjuhászné
Hares: BangCock and Easy Head Job
Pack: Run by Battery, Hot Steam, Rabies, Pedalling Pussy, Baldrick, Titty Tata, 10 Minutes Late, Lurch (aka Marina1), NFHN Marina2, NFHN Tamás, Darina (sorry dont know your Hash name) and
Scribe: Giving Head
After the detailed instruction about Hash signs - did you know this? E <----> T? No? Guess!! - we started from Szépjuhászné and took a look at the Árpád-era monastery, where St. Paul's relic was kept for centuries (you can read more about it here Is in Hungarian but using Google Translation Toolbar can understand most of it)

Leaving the cloister's ruins we headed (HEAD? Who said HEAD?) for the Buda hills. For the runners the trail was rather steep, I couldnt even make the running because of the wonderful scenery and of course the chit-chat with others (and because of the f*ing difficult trail). At halfway we had to go throuh a small cave that was slippery but still fun. Arriving at the top of János hegy, instead of going up to the kilátó we had a Beer search. While finally Darina found the sack with the beer cans, Baldric, Titty Tata and Tamás had diappeared and found some hot wine and missed the beer. After the beer stop the way down was an easy one and at Szépjuhászné the runners had a chance to see the last choo-choo train in town at the Childrens Railway and took photos of it, eat some lángos and drink some hot wine while waiting for the walkers. After the walkers arrival and eating lángos and having hot wine as well, and finishing the munching all, we had the circle. YES, yes, yes a short one!!!! Because - you wouldnt believe it but - even Baldrick, our mighty RA was cold. When we were all frozen, after the Hash Hymn, some of us headed home (HEAD? Who said HEAD?) and eight of us went to eat to the restaurant Szépjuhászné to warm up with some Unicum and szotyola by the courtesy of Titty Tata prior to our tasty meal.
All and all it was a good Hash as always with our 'OLD HARE' BC.
Have a great week and see ya on the next one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 19th -2009 -Hash #959 Children's railway

A Big Slice of Happiness Coming Right at You
Hare: Bang Cock
Scribe: Wet Blanket II, the one with the beard

The same boring people, the same stupid jokes, the same old routine. I thought that I, who am often the life of the party, might go to spread some joy to their meager existences.

It's getting harder and harder to drag oneself out of bed at 11o'clock on a Sunday (depression will do that to you) morning to face going to hash. Deep depression is hard enough to

But some dull people who have nothing better to do//namely N., Zs., M., A., A., J., A., Cs., E., and others of their ilk (sorry but I am too important to try to learn their names even after they have always welcomed me warmly)/the writer of these lines is not a dull, boring person with a dull boring life (I am actually an agent for MI6 but being a dull, boring person is part of my cover, yes, I am very good at my job) but only went along out of curiosity (like the time they found me at the Blue Oyster dress up as Minnie Pearle)

tried once again going through the same old routine, hoping against hope that something/ a torrid love affair, a one night stand, a quick feel of ass when no one was looking, would come along and spice up their my decrepid existance. (Sorry, sometimes I like to use big words but I can't take the time to spell them correctly or use spell check)

But all they got was some more dull, desperate, people for company, and a pointless walk through a maze of Buda trails leading nowhere, a living reminder that their lives were leading nowhere. (My therapist says that I do much better if I focus my own inadequacies outward)

Luckily there was beer at the end as I was becoming insufferable, along with the same tired songs that let them pretend they were engaging in humor and having fun, while numbing their brains with alcohol (I really wished I hadn't run out of my Zoloft or Prozac). The alcohol, unfortunately, wore off, and by the time soup came in that fucking sausage restaurant they ( I like to use the 3rd person plural even though I was in fact there) found themselves sobered up and sitting accross from ...oh what's the use, I can't go on writing this, it's I'm so sad. I think I may pretend to choke on a piece of sausage so when someone come to give me the Heimlich maneuver I can spin around at the very last minute to get a hug instead

But if you're a stranger reading this, fresh meat as it were, in Budapest, take pity on these people and come, come join for our next desperate pretense at having a joyful, happy life, on Thursday or Friday, maybe you can make a difference. Details to be announced soon. But don't kill yourself yet, there is always the chance that happiness is jut around the corner, although it probably isn't, I am going home to smear peanut butter all over myself to have the dog lick off, that is if he hasn't run away again.

Some parting words from Sgt. Hulka:

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 27th 2009 - Hash #955-ish Fenyõgyöngye

Incredible Hulk
Scribe : Frustrated Frog


We gathered as usual at bathyani ter at 11:30 on a rather cloudy day.

We then went directly by car to the starting point of the trail which had been graciously selected by hulk and split up into two groups runners and walkers.

We started off right away.

We had a new hasher from Norway joining our ranks that day and one leaving us permanently to go back to her native Germany.

Petra we will miss you.

After having to put up with our hungarian literature specialist martin who recently published his long awaited massive blockbuster book on the conflicting trends in post WWI hungarian literature we finally arrived back to our original starting point.

Take care
Frustrated frog

Link to Agi's photos

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 27th 2009 - Hash #949????

Scribe: NFG Nicola

Hash Trash
Budapest HHH 949
June 14 2009

On a gorgeous sunny day 5 hashers, Incredible Hulk, Ten Minutes Late , Piece of Pizza , NFHN András and me NFHN Nicola gathered at Battyányi tér for a mystery tour. The tour being mysterious to all of us as no one had volunteered to lay a trail despite Rabies` persistent pestering. We were hareless but not directionless.

We threw out a few suggestions.

The island I said, no: TML had been there the previous day.

The Hills, the hills: not again! and then the name Csepel rang out. Sounded good. Twas TMB` s choice. Then András mentioned some lakes around there that he had visited in his long lost youth.

We all posed for the usual in front of parliament shots this time spiced up with the stunning view of a blue gingham bikini top courtesy of PP. Mama mia! We picked up few beers in Spar and headed out in Hulk`s car. András`map reading skills came in handy as once on the island of Csepel we veered off the beaten track and drove down a dirt road to the old pebble quarry ( kavicsos tó) which is now very full of water. And very picturesque it was too with houses dotted all round.

From your run down shack to mini castles with turrets. We thought about getting into an old rickety rowing boat below us but decided not to due to the lack of oars. PP spotted, actually sniffed out some ruccola in the undergrowth. Would be perfect for pizza . Other bounties of nature were some very sour sour cherries and apricots too unripe to pick yet.

The walk proceeded pleasantly, flat all the way with plenty of sights including a crazy paving house with a scary gargoyle that Hulk posed in front of. It bore an amazing likeness. There were some corn fields I hid in and luscious larger ladies sunbathing with very little on. Quite a few plots were for sale and we imagined buying a simple hut and having Hash barbecues in the garden. If we all just chipped in a bit ........... We thought about having a dip in the lake but it was murky and PP was the only one who had a bikini. Next time make sure you all bring one along!

It`s normally customary for anyone feeling the call of nature to discreetly slip behind some bushes but Hulk on seeing a freestanding toilet could not resist the urge. The beer stop was a small beer garden that was nicely decorated with lager cans hanging from the beams in the shape of a plane. What craftsmanship was evident in the propeller: jagged bits of tin. Then it was on on- back to the car and then to a nearby restaurant just off the motorway for gulyás soups, pörkölt and erős pista liberally smeared on bread. A great hash, a grand day out as Wallace would said, in an area that was new to most of us.

Nicola NFHN (Absolutely stunning she still has no hash name!!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st 2009 - Hash #951-ish Fenyõgyöngye

Hare: Baldrick
Scribe: Incredible Hulk

Baldrick's long one

A hot Sunday morning brought a good group of Hashers out at the usual meeting point, many of the regulars, 3 visitors from Amsterdam HHH and a brace of visiting Canadian virgins (Haggis made them cum). The gathering occupied itself chatting and taking photos while our Hare Baldrick dragged Run by Battery to the supermarket for essential liquid nourishment for Hashers. Eventually Baldrick appeared to join his co-hare (Titty-Tata) and the group and with whistle and shouting eventually got about half the group to board a bus for the run starting point, the remaining 10 took to the 2 available cars and set off in convoy.

Soon the cars were heading north and up into the Buda hills, it was warm enough to need the air conditioning for the hot passengers. On we sped, past the caves and on up to the bus terminal stop at Fenyõgyöngye where there was parking for us. Had the bus already arrived? Rabies No, only after quite a wait as the clouds moved in and sprinkled us with warm rain, but it soon past by and the bus arrived, as did arrived on his bike.

So after booking a table in the nearby resto Baldrick explained the flour markings and everyone set off, strangely Rabies decided to bring his bike, more of this later. The trail went straight up the nearest hill, this was hard on the Amsterdam hashers, the slope was more that they see! It was not that easy for Rabies and his bike either. The first check was almost wiped out (by weather, pigs or passing ramblers), so without the hare we would not have found it, we hoped it was not all going to be like this. The false trails were found, and Ptwang, Jaws and others headed off with plenty of “OnOn’s” through the forest, on and up. The subsequent checks were all in good condition, they were pretty well set, holding back the FRBs and for the first few, even the walkers kept up. But with the longer sections up into the forest, the first few runners got further ahead.

For some of the sections, the path was almost flat, so Rabies was able to mount up and pedal easily past the runners. But sometimes the slope was too much, especially when the climb got steep in the rock slopes above the air field. The FRBs rested and enjoyed the views at the top for a while and the other “runners” made it up the slope (nobody could run up that), even Rabies managed to get his bike up to the top, the FRBs did wonder if they should go help him, but the idea soon past. The river looked impressive in spite of the low cloud across the city. Onwards, flour blobs were sought, but they were not readily found up here, fortunately we knew we were going to a beer stop, and in the forest covered hills, there is only one place that could be, so despite the lack of blobs, the pack soon found trail and were again climbing up hill, over the brow of the hill and down to the little bar-resto.

The big umbrellas outside over the tables and benches were just what we needed, the runners settled down to some beers and the walkers soon arrived. At that point the Dutch weather arrived, so we were pleased to be under the brollies. A few small snacks were bought (bread and dripping with red onions – a staple Hungarian snack) and a basket of bread left over on the next table with a pot of good hot paprika paste were acquired, which made everyone happy. The rain got heavier, and stared dropping down between the gaps above us, so most people headed inside – the warm air had gone by this time, the temperature had gone down a long way, so the usual moaning started and coats were found to keep the moaning levels down.

The group sat and chatted for a while until the rain eased off a bit, then we all set off for the relatively short trot down the hill to the circle, a nice easy run. At the bottom, Incredible hopped in his car to go back to taxi the trailing walkers in the rain, so with a couple of trips, everyone was down and ready for the circle. The circle was run by the visiting RA and many rewards given for virgins, offences and any excuse possible until the beer supply was almost gone. Then across the road to the resto and a good meal enjoyed by all from the extensive menu. Thanks Hares- you did a great job

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17th 2009 - Hash Trash #

> A reminder: There are a lot of ticks this season, so
> please check yourselves out carefully. Ladies who need help
> doing this feel free to contact me.
> This was a great hash outing. It was sunny
> and unseasonably warm as we gathered at Battyanyi Ter.
> The hash talent for superb organization became
> apparent right at the start, as one group was still
> discussing whether we could fit into the available cars
> while the lead cars took off without them. That
> left the writer as the only guy taking the HEV to
> Pomaz with a congenial group of women. From
> there we were shuttled to the trail by Ullrich, who was nice
> enough to come back for us after he had dropped off his
> first carload of passengers. Ullrich, if you ever
> got tired of geological engineering, I'm sure
> you could make a living as a taxi
> driver.
> There were a lot of people out that day, and there
> were occassional bottlenecks on the trail as it made up its
> way in the Arok, which is some kind of ravine. We sometimes
> had to wait to get past oncoming groups of hikers. This
> part of the trail was like an obstacle course, with rocky or
> muddy crossings over a small stream. As you can see
> from the pictures we were typical hash marchers, walking in
> tightly organized formation, not like a buch of
> cats. And everybody on the trail was friendly, and the
> mood was good.
> Soon we started going up, sometimes steeply, and the
> going got strenuous, hot and sweaty. This would have
> been a challange if there had been runners, and we were
> grateful for being in forest, as the shade was welcome. Then
> we got to the top of the ravine, and the trail
> widened and continued over fairly level
> ground.
> Soon we got to Lajos Forras, (Spring) and took a short
> break. The spring was flowing, and people had the
> forsight to pack beers as well, so the good cheer was
> maintained. The trail after this began to descend a bit, and
> we had some nice views over the Danube and its
> surroundings. There was occasion for a few Hungarian
> folk songs from Zs. and her sister, and the writer mangaged
> a decent "Mr. Tambourine Man" from Bob Dylan.
> (Performances available on request.)
> The highlight of the day, as always, was the circle,
> which was conducted by Paresh ( I hope I'm spelling
> that right), and was thankfully brief.
> But we were in for one more treat, as we stopped in
> Pomaz at a restaurant and had various versions of Hungarian
> food. It was outdoors, in a nice atmosphere, and the food
> was good.
> During the meal, K. sitting next to me, gave an
> impressive perormance. Several smokers lit up as the food
> was on the table, and K., switching into her teacher's
> mode, insisted that they put the cigarettes out, or
> move away. She said she was being an American
> woman, and stood her ground. Women take note. Good
> going K !
> All in all it turned out to be a long day. We were
> heading back to the city around 7pm, It was a real
> outing, a great trail, good to leave the city behind
> and see some different scenery, and good to have a longish
> hike in the forest.

Flat Tired

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hash Trash

To all:

After some people whined openly rather than ask me why there have been so few updates to the site here is the answer and what you can do about it:

  1. Starting writing the trash. Sure, I am not there often, but why don't some of you get on the late arrivals to write the trash? No trash, not updates

  2. Why should I put in the extra effort to put the trash on the website when you have already posted to everyone through the mailing list. I was attempting to make a site people would like coming to, but by circumventing the process you have made me apathetic to doing work which have already been done. Send the trash to don't post it to the mailing list, I promise I will get it up within 48hrs (normally as soon as I see it but just in case)

  3. When writing the trash please try to include the hash # and the location in the first line, this will make thing easier for me.

  4. If you are not going to listen to me about point 2 at least realize that you don't need to hit both yahoo and google mailing lists. We have almost 100 members here, either current or interested hashers...if there is anyone still on the yahoo list who wants to follow what's going on rather than the joke list, they have already moved over, there is no need to double post.

  5. Write the trash every week!
On On

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10th 2009 - Hash # - Budakaszi

Hares: Incredible Hulk and Bang Cock
Scribe BangCock

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. If you don't like the weather we've been having you'd best move to England or Ireland or Oregon state (they're all about the same size) where it rains most of the time. We had enough hashers show up at Battyhany to start a baseball team. That's nine for those who don't know. The pack consisted of Virgins Elena originally from Bulgaria and Alexander originally from Russia. We also had Run by Batteries, Silent but Deadly, Bushy Pussy, Ten Minutes Late and Andras.

There was no hare for the day and we decided to go up to the area of Budakaszi and start from the parking lot next to the nuclear research center. Incredible Hulk and I, Bang Cock, bought beer and flour at the market before driving up there. (Ulli Buli and Hard Core wanted to be with us but they had car problems and had to arrange for repairs. Their company was missed.)

Arriving at the parking lot Hulk and I realized that the rest of the group was all walkers so it Justify Fullwould be an easy trail laying for us. Not a worry about getting caught. Cool!!! An easy time for the Hares!!!

We started the trail near the bus stop and went up the hill and took the first turn to the right. It was so nice out that there were many hikers out enjoying the day with us. After going up and over the top of the hill we came to a crossroads and decided to "take the road less traveled by". We laid a few arrows and went down another wide trail. There were even birds out, undoubtedly eating the berries off the wild cherry trees.

After a bit we thought these big paths are too tame so we followed a footpath branching off and from then on that is what we tried to do. I am sure the pack liked the branches brushing them on both sides while threading their way through the bush.

After about 45 minutes we started looking for paths that would lead us back towards the start and kept heading (HEAD....Who said Head???) that way. About this point we were on a fairly wide trail and were passed by three ladies on horseback and later by a gentleman with a collie. After a bit we came to an area where some serious tree clearing had been carried out. We could see the research center's roof-line not too far away so we knew we had been going in the right direction.

The path was going straight ahead but we bore off to the right and took the trail up through where the trees had been felled. This dead ended at the Center's wall so we backed up and set the trail to bear off to the right through the underbrush, marking trees as we went. By and by we saw a clear shot up to the wall and took the trail there. From that point it was follow the wall along two sides of the research center back to the road and up to the parking lot.

The timing worked out very well. Hulk and I had our beer and shortly thereafter the pack showed up after a pleasant walk in the woods. We had a nice circle and welcomed our two Virgins and also the hashers who were not at the hash the week before which was almost everyone. There were almost no "sinners", only two polluters and they were duly chastised. The only announcement was about the Salon Concert at Ari's this coming Thursday and we closed the circle. Most then went to the Jokai restaurant for a very good lunch and then back to B'pest.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 17th - Hash #? Villanyi,

Bushy Pussy shows us her's

Hello Hashers!

A wonderful weekend filled with copious amounts of wine, beer, food, laughter, jokes and antics was had by all in attendance. We missed those of you who were unable to join in on the fun.

As soon as our cars were parked in the driveway of the panzio in Villanyi on Friday, shots of palinka were offered to the brave and willing. After a few daring souls succumbed to the poison, off we set to imbibe in wine and consume a hearty meal in a wine cellar/restaurant. Set forth before our hungry eyes was a meal from the heavens! We tucked in and ate like kings! Chicken, rabbit, pork knuckles, potatoes, pickled salads and so much wine! Our eyes were bigger than our bellies as we ate heartily through a delicious meal.

After we rubbed our full bellies, we headed to the cellar to have a wine tasting. The wines were local to the Villanyi region and ranged from dry whites to rich reds. We drank what we could, laughing all the while, clearly catching a nice wine buzz. The fun didn't stop there though...
Onward we went in search of an establishment where we could continue the festivities. With more wine and a wooden sausage, courtesy of W&B and Baldric, we were in business! The wooden sausage, I think it deserves a proper Hash name, started us off singing and playing table games and drinking more wine. The music of song and laughter and banging the wooden sausage on the table set the tune for the remainder of a fun weekend.

We woke up to the fresh smell of coffee, eggs, meats, cheese and bread. Breakfast fit for the kings and queens that we were.. Delicious! Smacking our lips and again rubbing our full bellies, we journeyed on a lovely walk through the valley in Villanyi. The sausage showed up and posed for a few photos, too!

Upon arriving in Pecs, where I proceeded to get Baldric a bit lost... sorry.. We set off on ambling through the Dom, the park, various gardens and a trip to a cafe for ice cream and coffee. We marveled at the locks linked to a gate in a symbolic gesture of being locked in love to ones lover. Or to one of many lovers?? ;) W&B had arranged a luncheon at a brewery pub and as soon as the rumblings of hungry bellies began, feasting was in order!

We sat down to a long wooden plate filled with soft pretzels and pizza bread and locally brewed beer. W&B arranged for us to have a hearty and filling meal and of course, more beer! We ate and ooohed and aaahed all the way through. Afterward we walked along Kiraly Utca and Jokai Utca in search of a pub. We settled into Murphy's Pub on Kiraly Utca and watched the parade of people pass by. A homeless man provided entertainment by blowing on a plastic bag held tightly to his lips. Very interesting. We decided to meander to another pub and after many false attempts, we found Koplong's Etterem. It was a small establishment with a school reunion going on. Nonetheless, it didn't stop us. We ordered more beer and some odered goulasch to accompany their beer. A few rounds of beer later and out came the sausage. We sang and toyed with the sausage in a show of friendliness and fondness. We didn't stop there, though.. Baldric got us going with "Let's All Do the Democratic Republic of Congo" song and dance routine along with "The Hokey Pokey". The sausage played a very integral role in providing merriment and laughter. Much to the chagrin of the reunion attendees... Oh well...

The next morning after a breakfast of eggs at a cafe, we set off on a hike through the interior of the Mecsek Hills. The runners set their own course and zipped off towards the famed TV Tower, leaving the walkers to walk through the forest on a paved trail. Hagis, W&B, Peddling Pussy, Nutcrusher and Agi T found bear garlic growing amidst the forest floor. The smell was intoxicating and W&B, PP and Hagis couldn't resist plucking bunches and bunches of the stuff. Had they resisted temptation, the poor bear garlic would have met its fate of a rotting death..
While making strides towards the parking lot we narrowly missed the runners. Hulk got us into spirit by singing rounds of "Father Abraham."
Once nearby the parking lot, we set up our circle, much to the amusement of a park attendant who snapped our photos. Hmmm.. Facebook entry perhaps?? Who knows! Circle time was mellow and low key, accompanied by the sounds of hungry tummies. Once again, W&B made manna come out from the heavens. A restaurant called her mobile and a table was waiting for our arrival for a late lunch, early supper. We ate and drank more beer and were impressed at how much food was filling us up for less than 800 HUF. Food filled and sated, we bid each other so long. We hugged and kissed and thanked each other for a wonderful weekend, before setting off to Budapest. I stayed behind and waved at all the Hasher's heading back to a journey homeward.

Thank you to W&B for arranging a fabulous weekend. She made sure we never went without food and drink and laughter. Thank you to Cedric and Zsuzi for driving Kinga and I to both Villanyi and Pecs. Thank you friends for stomping with me on my stomping grounds and for letting me share a piece of the Mecsek forest with you all. It was my pleasure to do so. May you all have an easy week until we meet up again. :)


Kim (Bushy Pussy)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend getaway Hash Flash

Some photos of a fun weekend away.

Link to Photos

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Piste’d in Austria

Getting Piste’d in Austria

A ‘group’ of 3 intrepid Hashers met at 10.00 am on Sunday, 1 March by the Giant Sand Clock near Hosok Tere, to begin an adventure with the skiing Club from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in the Austrian ski resort of Hochkar. The merry band comprised that venerated skier, Hungary’s answer to Jean-Claude Killy and Franz Klammer (Rabies); the doyen of the N. American ski slopes (BangCock) and a ski virgin (Pussy Willow).

We arrived in the sleepy village of Hollenstein – sleepy because we later discovered that everyone was in bed by 6 pm, via a beer-stocking stop at Tesco; a bus tour of Vienna and a motorway service station break in Austria. The first shock came when BangCock and I were told that we were not staying in the main hostel with the rest of the party of skiers, but had actually paid extra for the 3 of us to share a room in a chalet down the road. We both looked accusingly at Rabies who mumbled something about his email telling us this, but we decided that whatever button Rabies had pressed on the keyboard, it had not been the ‘send’ one.

The second shock came when it was announced that we needed to get-up at 6.30 each day. Now, since my enforced retirement in Hungary, 6.30 to me signals the time to start preparing dinner; the reminder that there is another, earlier one was a cruel blow. So the days began with being picked-up at the chalet to be taken to breakfast in the main hostel and at 8.15 boarding the coach for a 45 minute journey from Hollenstein to Hochkar. By the time we arrived it seemed as if the day had already passed but, of course, the ‘fun’ was only just beginning. Each day Rabies was a blur of speed on the black runs; Jack regained his form after a few years break from the slopes and I pottered about trying to figure out why the instructor called the slope flat when it looked like the north face of the Eiger to me.

I was one of three beginners alongside a really fit 36 year old and her fearless, rubberised (he just kept bouncing back off the ground when he fell over), 5 year old son. By the end of the week, the little boy appeared to have been born with skis on his feet whilst I was still trying not to be frightened if I went more than 5 mph on the nursery slope. At the end of the day I had no idea I had so many bones in my body that could ache at the same time. Thankfully, Rabies son Adam and daughter-in-law were on the trip and she led us through some excellent stretching exercises that at least ensured I could walk to the dining hall for dinner.

After dinner one evening, Rabies and BangCock decided, in the spirit of true Hashers, to ‘hit the town’ and seek out the night-life of Hollenstein. Sadly, they were only to discover that the small supermarket stays open longer than the bar and in fact after 8 pm you have more chance of buying milk than a beer. They did find ‘Sinatra’s’, the only two people in the village who did that night, but discovered that he did indeed do it ‘My Way’ and closed at 9 pm.

I am, of course, far too discrete to disclose details of the nocturnal habits of my bedroom buddies. Suffice to say, they were many and varied. Things got a little heated over the noise made by someone’s clock ticking, the repost being that it was impossible to hear the noise of the clock over the snoring. Touché. Rabies and BangCock were perfect gentleman though and come highly recommended as roommates.

Well, thinking about the week now, I can at least reflect that when I am in that home for the bewildered somewhere on the south coast of England, the zimmer frame parked in front of me and eating lunch through a straw, I will never think ' I wonder what it would have been like to go skiing'. The trip was brilliantly organised by the university; the skiing conditions, I am told, were excellent; the company was very friendly and helpful; I don’t feel in need of counselling or therapy after sharing a bedroom with Rabies and BangCock, and I have just about recovered from the shame of being pitied by a 5 year old as I lay in a heap on the ground. I liked the 45 minute coach journey to and from the ski resort; sitting in the chair lift admiring the scenery and eating chips and red sauce at lunchtime. Occasionally, I even ‘enjoyed’ the skiing when I stayed upright for 100 metres but overall, I think I am better suited to other hobbies such as knitting and synchronised custard eating. And would I do it again? I think absolutely and categorically never, never, ever again, as long as I live. Well, not this year anyway.

Finally, here is a quiz. Whilst away I took a call from my landlord who wanted a reading from the water meter in our apartment. But what connects this request with the romantic life of our very own ‘Love God’ – Rabies? The sender of the best suggestion will win a candlelight breakfast for two at the KFC restaurant at Nyugati.


P Willow

Wednesday, February 4, 2009