Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17th 2009 - Hash Trash #

> A reminder: There are a lot of ticks this season, so
> please check yourselves out carefully. Ladies who need help
> doing this feel free to contact me.
> This was a great hash outing. It was sunny
> and unseasonably warm as we gathered at Battyanyi Ter.
> The hash talent for superb organization became
> apparent right at the start, as one group was still
> discussing whether we could fit into the available cars
> while the lead cars took off without them. That
> left the writer as the only guy taking the HEV to
> Pomaz with a congenial group of women. From
> there we were shuttled to the trail by Ullrich, who was nice
> enough to come back for us after he had dropped off his
> first carload of passengers. Ullrich, if you ever
> got tired of geological engineering, I'm sure
> you could make a living as a taxi
> driver.
> There were a lot of people out that day, and there
> were occassional bottlenecks on the trail as it made up its
> way in the Arok, which is some kind of ravine. We sometimes
> had to wait to get past oncoming groups of hikers. This
> part of the trail was like an obstacle course, with rocky or
> muddy crossings over a small stream. As you can see
> from the pictures we were typical hash marchers, walking in
> tightly organized formation, not like a buch of
> cats. And everybody on the trail was friendly, and the
> mood was good.
> Soon we started going up, sometimes steeply, and the
> going got strenuous, hot and sweaty. This would have
> been a challange if there had been runners, and we were
> grateful for being in forest, as the shade was welcome. Then
> we got to the top of the ravine, and the trail
> widened and continued over fairly level
> ground.
> Soon we got to Lajos Forras, (Spring) and took a short
> break. The spring was flowing, and people had the
> forsight to pack beers as well, so the good cheer was
> maintained. The trail after this began to descend a bit, and
> we had some nice views over the Danube and its
> surroundings. There was occasion for a few Hungarian
> folk songs from Zs. and her sister, and the writer mangaged
> a decent "Mr. Tambourine Man" from Bob Dylan.
> (Performances available on request.)
> The highlight of the day, as always, was the circle,
> which was conducted by Paresh ( I hope I'm spelling
> that right), and was thankfully brief.
> But we were in for one more treat, as we stopped in
> Pomaz at a restaurant and had various versions of Hungarian
> food. It was outdoors, in a nice atmosphere, and the food
> was good.
> During the meal, K. sitting next to me, gave an
> impressive perormance. Several smokers lit up as the food
> was on the table, and K., switching into her teacher's
> mode, insisted that they put the cigarettes out, or
> move away. She said she was being an American
> woman, and stood her ground. Women take note. Good
> going K !
> All in all it turned out to be a long day. We were
> heading back to the city around 7pm, It was a real
> outing, a great trail, good to leave the city behind
> and see some different scenery, and good to have a longish
> hike in the forest.

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