Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st 2009 - Hash #951-ish Fenyõgyöngye

Hare: Baldrick
Scribe: Incredible Hulk

Baldrick's long one

A hot Sunday morning brought a good group of Hashers out at the usual meeting point, many of the regulars, 3 visitors from Amsterdam HHH and a brace of visiting Canadian virgins (Haggis made them cum). The gathering occupied itself chatting and taking photos while our Hare Baldrick dragged Run by Battery to the supermarket for essential liquid nourishment for Hashers. Eventually Baldrick appeared to join his co-hare (Titty-Tata) and the group and with whistle and shouting eventually got about half the group to board a bus for the run starting point, the remaining 10 took to the 2 available cars and set off in convoy.

Soon the cars were heading north and up into the Buda hills, it was warm enough to need the air conditioning for the hot passengers. On we sped, past the caves and on up to the bus terminal stop at Fenyõgyöngye where there was parking for us. Had the bus already arrived? Rabies No, only after quite a wait as the clouds moved in and sprinkled us with warm rain, but it soon past by and the bus arrived, as did arrived on his bike.

So after booking a table in the nearby resto Baldrick explained the flour markings and everyone set off, strangely Rabies decided to bring his bike, more of this later. The trail went straight up the nearest hill, this was hard on the Amsterdam hashers, the slope was more that they see! It was not that easy for Rabies and his bike either. The first check was almost wiped out (by weather, pigs or passing ramblers), so without the hare we would not have found it, we hoped it was not all going to be like this. The false trails were found, and Ptwang, Jaws and others headed off with plenty of “OnOn’s” through the forest, on and up. The subsequent checks were all in good condition, they were pretty well set, holding back the FRBs and for the first few, even the walkers kept up. But with the longer sections up into the forest, the first few runners got further ahead.

For some of the sections, the path was almost flat, so Rabies was able to mount up and pedal easily past the runners. But sometimes the slope was too much, especially when the climb got steep in the rock slopes above the air field. The FRBs rested and enjoyed the views at the top for a while and the other “runners” made it up the slope (nobody could run up that), even Rabies managed to get his bike up to the top, the FRBs did wonder if they should go help him, but the idea soon past. The river looked impressive in spite of the low cloud across the city. Onwards, flour blobs were sought, but they were not readily found up here, fortunately we knew we were going to a beer stop, and in the forest covered hills, there is only one place that could be, so despite the lack of blobs, the pack soon found trail and were again climbing up hill, over the brow of the hill and down to the little bar-resto.

The big umbrellas outside over the tables and benches were just what we needed, the runners settled down to some beers and the walkers soon arrived. At that point the Dutch weather arrived, so we were pleased to be under the brollies. A few small snacks were bought (bread and dripping with red onions – a staple Hungarian snack) and a basket of bread left over on the next table with a pot of good hot paprika paste were acquired, which made everyone happy. The rain got heavier, and stared dropping down between the gaps above us, so most people headed inside – the warm air had gone by this time, the temperature had gone down a long way, so the usual moaning started and coats were found to keep the moaning levels down.

The group sat and chatted for a while until the rain eased off a bit, then we all set off for the relatively short trot down the hill to the circle, a nice easy run. At the bottom, Incredible hopped in his car to go back to taxi the trailing walkers in the rain, so with a couple of trips, everyone was down and ready for the circle. The circle was run by the visiting RA and many rewards given for virgins, offences and any excuse possible until the beer supply was almost gone. Then across the road to the resto and a good meal enjoyed by all from the extensive menu. Thanks Hares- you did a great job

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