Monday, June 29, 2009

June 27th 2009 - Hash #955-ish Fenyõgyöngye

Incredible Hulk
Scribe : Frustrated Frog


We gathered as usual at bathyani ter at 11:30 on a rather cloudy day.

We then went directly by car to the starting point of the trail which had been graciously selected by hulk and split up into two groups runners and walkers.

We started off right away.

We had a new hasher from Norway joining our ranks that day and one leaving us permanently to go back to her native Germany.

Petra we will miss you.

After having to put up with our hungarian literature specialist martin who recently published his long awaited massive blockbuster book on the conflicting trends in post WWI hungarian literature we finally arrived back to our original starting point.

Take care
Frustrated frog

Link to Agi's photos

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Anonymous said...

and cunning linguist visiting the good old mother hash :)
thanks for coming