Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 27th 2009 - Hash #949????

Scribe: NFG Nicola

Hash Trash
Budapest HHH 949
June 14 2009

On a gorgeous sunny day 5 hashers, Incredible Hulk, Ten Minutes Late , Piece of Pizza , NFHN András and me NFHN Nicola gathered at Battyányi tér for a mystery tour. The tour being mysterious to all of us as no one had volunteered to lay a trail despite Rabies` persistent pestering. We were hareless but not directionless.

We threw out a few suggestions.

The island I said, no: TML had been there the previous day.

The Hills, the hills: not again! and then the name Csepel rang out. Sounded good. Twas TMB` s choice. Then András mentioned some lakes around there that he had visited in his long lost youth.

We all posed for the usual in front of parliament shots this time spiced up with the stunning view of a blue gingham bikini top courtesy of PP. Mama mia! We picked up few beers in Spar and headed out in Hulk`s car. András`map reading skills came in handy as once on the island of Csepel we veered off the beaten track and drove down a dirt road to the old pebble quarry ( kavicsos tó) which is now very full of water. And very picturesque it was too with houses dotted all round.

From your run down shack to mini castles with turrets. We thought about getting into an old rickety rowing boat below us but decided not to due to the lack of oars. PP spotted, actually sniffed out some ruccola in the undergrowth. Would be perfect for pizza . Other bounties of nature were some very sour sour cherries and apricots too unripe to pick yet.

The walk proceeded pleasantly, flat all the way with plenty of sights including a crazy paving house with a scary gargoyle that Hulk posed in front of. It bore an amazing likeness. There were some corn fields I hid in and luscious larger ladies sunbathing with very little on. Quite a few plots were for sale and we imagined buying a simple hut and having Hash barbecues in the garden. If we all just chipped in a bit ........... We thought about having a dip in the lake but it was murky and PP was the only one who had a bikini. Next time make sure you all bring one along!

It`s normally customary for anyone feeling the call of nature to discreetly slip behind some bushes but Hulk on seeing a freestanding toilet could not resist the urge. The beer stop was a small beer garden that was nicely decorated with lager cans hanging from the beams in the shape of a plane. What craftsmanship was evident in the propeller: jagged bits of tin. Then it was on on- back to the car and then to a nearby restaurant just off the motorway for gulyás soups, pörkölt and erős pista liberally smeared on bread. A great hash, a grand day out as Wallace would said, in an area that was new to most of us.

Nicola NFHN (Absolutely stunning she still has no hash name!!)

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