Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Subprime Primer

Subprime Primer

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Subprime Primer
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A simple and humorous guide to understanding the subprime mess

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jack's Photos

Rabies is senile, there are no pictures here nor have they ever been (no by choice) but you can see them from the link Bangcock sends each week.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sept. 28 - Hash #912

Hares: “Giving Head” & NFHN* Jenny
Stribe: BangCock
*No F**kin’ Hash Name

Once again the Hash Weather Gods smiled upon us. If you weren’t there you missed another of the beautiful Sunday’s that Budapest sometimes shows us to allow us to remember spring before winter comes. There was an even dozen stalwarts who gathered at Battyhany ter to do the trail. There was Baldric, NFHN Jenny, Mamma San, Our Rheinmaiden Petra, 10 Minutes Late, Myself (Bang Cock), Hot Steam, Our Beautiful Sarah who’s Hash Name keeps slipping away from me during my frequent Alzheimer’s lapses (It is “Something Revealed” or similar. She will definitely berate me over this as she only reminded me of it “again” Sunday), A Visiting Hasher from Buffalo, NY (1A-Hole), Giving Head, NFHN Marina and a Virgin friend of GH, Maria.

For a change we had enough vehicles so with GH giving me directions (Not Head) we convoyed out to the Csillaghegy district on the left just past Aquincum.

Note: For those of you not understanding Hungarian, Csillaghegy translates into English to mean “ Region of many hills and wooden stairs that go up and up and up and up to reach a rocky top with a magnificent aspect”.

GH and I left the pack at the starting area to park and mill about while she showed me to way to the finish to leave the Beer Wagon there and jog back. On returning to the start the pack set off to an immediate check that caused a few of the FRB’s to go the wrong way but Virgin Maria stated most emphatically “ It MUST go this way!” and set off along the road up the hill. (She was correct!) We went past some sort of Greek compound following the road as it curved back and forth while continuing up and up. After a fairly long straight the road bore off to the left but the front runners spotted the trail marks going up some stairs straight on and proceeded accordingly up and up and up and up. I do believe we climbed more stairs than there are on the Tour Eiffel. We crossed several roads but still went on up. We finally ran out of stairs and were on a path through some bush where there was a check and the path to the left still going up was the true trail. Up again along this path to another check. Here we realized that we didn’t hear the pack behind us so we waited while calling “ON! ON!”.

GH went back down the hill a bit but still no sign of the pack and Baldric started down also. While they were going down the cell phones started ringing. It was Mamma San and Petra calling. The pack was lost. They had missed the turn off from the first road and with “Lemming Like” discipline they continued along the first road where no marks were to be found. They were given directions and the rest of us turned left at the check to find more stairs going up but now they were wooden logs at odd spacing’s. Up and up and up and up we went but the reward was at the top when the path reached an area where on the left a huge natural amphitheater of high cliffs with eroded caves and hollows opened up and on the right was a beautiful view of Szentendre, Csillaghegy, Aquincum and Budapest. There were a number of other hikers in this area and even some complete idiots scaling the cliffs. We stayed here until the pack caught up and by the time they reached us I do believe that 10 Minutes Late was coughing up arterial blood! Several “group grope” pictures were taken here whilst the pack recuperated.

Then it was off again for a brief upward climb when lo and behold the trail leveled out and we started following a narrow path through the woods leading downwards. The path meandered through the woods leading us around some sort of a fenced in compound and through a couple of checks. At last we came out of the woods and started down a narrow and steep paved driveway that took us past a cemetery on our left and through some very nice residential sections. We followed trail through another check or so and suddenly there was the Beer Wagon and the end of the trail next to a little “jewel box” of a park where we set up for the Circle.

When all of the pack arrived the Circle was formed with the Hares being duly recognized for their efforts. (I think it was one of the better trails of the year and a decidedly new venue that was challenging, fun and interesting) The normal proceedings followed with our RA conjuring up all sorts of offences and involving all parties in doing Down-Downs. When the bottom of the beer coolers could be seen it was time for a “NAMING”. NFHN Jenny, having done three trails and having Hared this one, qualified and was sent away to ponder her fate whilst various potential names were bandied about. Finally a complicated and disputed vote was taken and NFHN Jenny was recalled to kneel for her “Naming”. She was then thoroughly baptized with flour and beer and from now on, in sickness or in health, wherever she hashes she is to be known as “PUCK ME”.

Anything after that would have been anticlimatic so the Circle was closed and the Hash ended.

However while most of the group returned to town, Baldric, myself, Giving Head and A1-Hole stayed in Csillaghegy and dined at a lovely little restaurant followed by some excellent and very cheap beer at a nearby bar before we returned to Budapest. All in all a good Hash.