Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10th 2009 - Hash # - Budakaszi

Hares: Incredible Hulk and Bang Cock
Scribe BangCock

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. If you don't like the weather we've been having you'd best move to England or Ireland or Oregon state (they're all about the same size) where it rains most of the time. We had enough hashers show up at Battyhany to start a baseball team. That's nine for those who don't know. The pack consisted of Virgins Elena originally from Bulgaria and Alexander originally from Russia. We also had Run by Batteries, Silent but Deadly, Bushy Pussy, Ten Minutes Late and Andras.

There was no hare for the day and we decided to go up to the area of Budakaszi and start from the parking lot next to the nuclear research center. Incredible Hulk and I, Bang Cock, bought beer and flour at the market before driving up there. (Ulli Buli and Hard Core wanted to be with us but they had car problems and had to arrange for repairs. Their company was missed.)

Arriving at the parking lot Hulk and I realized that the rest of the group was all walkers so it Justify Fullwould be an easy trail laying for us. Not a worry about getting caught. Cool!!! An easy time for the Hares!!!

We started the trail near the bus stop and went up the hill and took the first turn to the right. It was so nice out that there were many hikers out enjoying the day with us. After going up and over the top of the hill we came to a crossroads and decided to "take the road less traveled by". We laid a few arrows and went down another wide trail. There were even birds out, undoubtedly eating the berries off the wild cherry trees.

After a bit we thought these big paths are too tame so we followed a footpath branching off and from then on that is what we tried to do. I am sure the pack liked the branches brushing them on both sides while threading their way through the bush.

After about 45 minutes we started looking for paths that would lead us back towards the start and kept heading (HEAD....Who said Head???) that way. About this point we were on a fairly wide trail and were passed by three ladies on horseback and later by a gentleman with a collie. After a bit we came to an area where some serious tree clearing had been carried out. We could see the research center's roof-line not too far away so we knew we had been going in the right direction.

The path was going straight ahead but we bore off to the right and took the trail up through where the trees had been felled. This dead ended at the Center's wall so we backed up and set the trail to bear off to the right through the underbrush, marking trees as we went. By and by we saw a clear shot up to the wall and took the trail there. From that point it was follow the wall along two sides of the research center back to the road and up to the parking lot.

The timing worked out very well. Hulk and I had our beer and shortly thereafter the pack showed up after a pleasant walk in the woods. We had a nice circle and welcomed our two Virgins and also the hashers who were not at the hash the week before which was almost everyone. There were almost no "sinners", only two polluters and they were duly chastised. The only announcement was about the Salon Concert at Ari's this coming Thursday and we closed the circle. Most then went to the Jokai restaurant for a very good lunch and then back to B'pest.

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