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April 17th - Hash #? Villanyi,

Bushy Pussy shows us her's

Hello Hashers!

A wonderful weekend filled with copious amounts of wine, beer, food, laughter, jokes and antics was had by all in attendance. We missed those of you who were unable to join in on the fun.

As soon as our cars were parked in the driveway of the panzio in Villanyi on Friday, shots of palinka were offered to the brave and willing. After a few daring souls succumbed to the poison, off we set to imbibe in wine and consume a hearty meal in a wine cellar/restaurant. Set forth before our hungry eyes was a meal from the heavens! We tucked in and ate like kings! Chicken, rabbit, pork knuckles, potatoes, pickled salads and so much wine! Our eyes were bigger than our bellies as we ate heartily through a delicious meal.

After we rubbed our full bellies, we headed to the cellar to have a wine tasting. The wines were local to the Villanyi region and ranged from dry whites to rich reds. We drank what we could, laughing all the while, clearly catching a nice wine buzz. The fun didn't stop there though...
Onward we went in search of an establishment where we could continue the festivities. With more wine and a wooden sausage, courtesy of W&B and Baldric, we were in business! The wooden sausage, I think it deserves a proper Hash name, started us off singing and playing table games and drinking more wine. The music of song and laughter and banging the wooden sausage on the table set the tune for the remainder of a fun weekend.

We woke up to the fresh smell of coffee, eggs, meats, cheese and bread. Breakfast fit for the kings and queens that we were.. Delicious! Smacking our lips and again rubbing our full bellies, we journeyed on a lovely walk through the valley in Villanyi. The sausage showed up and posed for a few photos, too!

Upon arriving in Pecs, where I proceeded to get Baldric a bit lost... sorry.. We set off on ambling through the Dom, the park, various gardens and a trip to a cafe for ice cream and coffee. We marveled at the locks linked to a gate in a symbolic gesture of being locked in love to ones lover. Or to one of many lovers?? ;) W&B had arranged a luncheon at a brewery pub and as soon as the rumblings of hungry bellies began, feasting was in order!

We sat down to a long wooden plate filled with soft pretzels and pizza bread and locally brewed beer. W&B arranged for us to have a hearty and filling meal and of course, more beer! We ate and ooohed and aaahed all the way through. Afterward we walked along Kiraly Utca and Jokai Utca in search of a pub. We settled into Murphy's Pub on Kiraly Utca and watched the parade of people pass by. A homeless man provided entertainment by blowing on a plastic bag held tightly to his lips. Very interesting. We decided to meander to another pub and after many false attempts, we found Koplong's Etterem. It was a small establishment with a school reunion going on. Nonetheless, it didn't stop us. We ordered more beer and some odered goulasch to accompany their beer. A few rounds of beer later and out came the sausage. We sang and toyed with the sausage in a show of friendliness and fondness. We didn't stop there, though.. Baldric got us going with "Let's All Do the Democratic Republic of Congo" song and dance routine along with "The Hokey Pokey". The sausage played a very integral role in providing merriment and laughter. Much to the chagrin of the reunion attendees... Oh well...

The next morning after a breakfast of eggs at a cafe, we set off on a hike through the interior of the Mecsek Hills. The runners set their own course and zipped off towards the famed TV Tower, leaving the walkers to walk through the forest on a paved trail. Hagis, W&B, Peddling Pussy, Nutcrusher and Agi T found bear garlic growing amidst the forest floor. The smell was intoxicating and W&B, PP and Hagis couldn't resist plucking bunches and bunches of the stuff. Had they resisted temptation, the poor bear garlic would have met its fate of a rotting death..
While making strides towards the parking lot we narrowly missed the runners. Hulk got us into spirit by singing rounds of "Father Abraham."
Once nearby the parking lot, we set up our circle, much to the amusement of a park attendant who snapped our photos. Hmmm.. Facebook entry perhaps?? Who knows! Circle time was mellow and low key, accompanied by the sounds of hungry tummies. Once again, W&B made manna come out from the heavens. A restaurant called her mobile and a table was waiting for our arrival for a late lunch, early supper. We ate and drank more beer and were impressed at how much food was filling us up for less than 800 HUF. Food filled and sated, we bid each other so long. We hugged and kissed and thanked each other for a wonderful weekend, before setting off to Budapest. I stayed behind and waved at all the Hasher's heading back to a journey homeward.

Thank you to W&B for arranging a fabulous weekend. She made sure we never went without food and drink and laughter. Thank you to Cedric and Zsuzi for driving Kinga and I to both Villanyi and Pecs. Thank you friends for stomping with me on my stomping grounds and for letting me share a piece of the Mecsek forest with you all. It was my pleasure to do so. May you all have an easy week until we meet up again. :)


Kim (Bushy Pussy)

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