Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hash Trash November 1st 2009

Trail: Szépjuhászné - Erzsébet-kilátó - Szépjuhászné
Hares: BangCock and Easy Head Job
Pack: Run by Battery, Hot Steam, Rabies, Pedalling Pussy, Baldrick, Titty Tata, 10 Minutes Late, Lurch (aka Marina1), NFHN Marina2, NFHN Tamás, Darina (sorry dont know your Hash name) and
Scribe: Giving Head
After the detailed instruction about Hash signs - did you know this? E <----> T? No? Guess!! - we started from Szépjuhászné and took a look at the Árpád-era monastery, where St. Paul's relic was kept for centuries (you can read more about it here Is in Hungarian but using Google Translation Toolbar can understand most of it)

Leaving the cloister's ruins we headed (HEAD? Who said HEAD?) for the Buda hills. For the runners the trail was rather steep, I couldnt even make the running because of the wonderful scenery and of course the chit-chat with others (and because of the f*ing difficult trail). At halfway we had to go throuh a small cave that was slippery but still fun. Arriving at the top of János hegy, instead of going up to the kilátó we had a Beer search. While finally Darina found the sack with the beer cans, Baldric, Titty Tata and Tamás had diappeared and found some hot wine and missed the beer. After the beer stop the way down was an easy one and at Szépjuhászné the runners had a chance to see the last choo-choo train in town at the Childrens Railway and took photos of it, eat some lángos and drink some hot wine while waiting for the walkers. After the walkers arrival and eating lángos and having hot wine as well, and finishing the munching all, we had the circle. YES, yes, yes a short one!!!! Because - you wouldnt believe it but - even Baldrick, our mighty RA was cold. When we were all frozen, after the Hash Hymn, some of us headed home (HEAD? Who said HEAD?) and eight of us went to eat to the restaurant Szépjuhászné to warm up with some Unicum and szotyola by the courtesy of Titty Tata prior to our tasty meal.
All and all it was a good Hash as always with our 'OLD HARE' BC.
Have a great week and see ya on the next one.


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