Monday, April 28, 2008

Hash #889 - April 27th, 2008

Location: HarmasHatarHegy

Hare: The Silver Fox, aka Pops, aka SexTax and his lovely consort Pussy Willow

Since no one is appointed scribe I will do it myself....yes I know how wonderful I am.

So some gathered at Batthanyi ter at the appointed time. Since Sextax and PussyWillow let the cat out of the bag I, like the sister, thought it might be a better idea just to go to the starting point. We arrived at the start, strangly absent of a starting mark and started up the hill.

There was Oral Organism and her canuck friend, BangCock, Petra, Giving Head and sister (who's hash name escapes me, Frustrated Frog and friend, maybe a few others, I was a bit drunk from the night before.

Oral Orgasm made the worst screeching noises each time I pointed out there was a missing Parrot who's owner could have laid the hash. Petra thought it would be funny, once again, to play water-sports with the big boys and would up wetter than she would have hoped.

We stopped to see the para-sailors, but no Rabies. But...

Once we got to the beer stop, 2 thumbs up on the beer stop BTW, a few more hashers appeared. Hulk, Shirtless Rabies, H'agi's and her 2 virgins from Switzerland. Some drinks were ordered, some food bought, some free bites taken by Giving Head, and then we were off down the hill.

We circled at some restaurant and the showoff hashers arrived to rub in our faces how great they were for running some relay-race (see if you have volunteered you could now be writing kind words about yourselves). Run-By-Batterty, GH, and Haggis could keep there Lesco holes shut during the circle.....AGAIN... so Incredible Hulk did want any sane man would do...gag giving hear.

blah blah blah and it was over and time to eat. I high-tailed it to Daubner for some delicious medvehagyma pogi.


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