Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec. 7th - Hash #922

Hares: Baldric | Mama San | Pizza Piss

Scribe: Pussy Willow

BangCock, NFG Chris, NFG Darina, NFG John, NFG Kim, NFG Natasha, NFGPetra, Pussy Willow, Sextax, NFG Susan and 10 Minutes Late assembled at 11.30, which is, of course, AFTER EIGHT, on this fine December morning. The Hash began by us nibbling on one of these delicious square mints with considerate Hashers leaving the ‘envelopes’ in the box for Pussy Willow to amuse herself with later in the privacy of her own home. Baldric’s attire for the day succeeded in putting the ’short’ into shorts and the ‘p’ into skimpy and looked as if the manufacturer had run out of material AFTER EIGHT cm. No one was in any doubt that it was, indeed, a cold day!!!

We boarded the No. 60 bus and AFTER EIGHT stops approx. got off at Obudai temeto, the dead centre of town (pathetic old joke, I know) and looked at the mountain in the distance we had to climb. The bus route had taken us past an amphitheatre, left AFTER EIGHT Roman Legions had occupied the site. It began gently enough and did level out and even went downhill towards the end but there was some steady climbing in the middle. The trail must have been about 9 km, so AFTER EIGHT some Hashers were beginning to get a bit tired. The trail finished at the bottom of Harmashatarhegyi ut.

For the circle we were joined by Rabies and it was the usual mixture of ‘Hash Virgins’; Returnees, offences etc. There was the auspicious occasion of a naming to be carried out. Having asked Agi to tell us a little about herself to help us come up with a subtle and appropriate Hash name, we ignored everything we were told and AFTER EIGHT suggestions, decided on Pizza Piss. Well, there is at least an Italian reference in there and it can be shortened to an affectionate ‘Piss’ or ‘PP’.

After what seemed like an EIGHT-ERNITY, we adjourned to a nearby restaurant for lunch and, of course, a mint or two.

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