Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hash #1??? July 19 2011

Scribe - Baldrik

Woke up at 1030 and looked in the mirror and as usual thought why am I an arsehole. Walked down the stairs ensuring not to tread in the shit that someone deposited a week ago. Delivered hare, Tititata to the start via 16 bus and still arrived last after walkers Haggis, Hot Steam, and Ten Minutes Late and runners Giving Head, Hulk, Jaws, Rabies and Stiff Nipples. Caught the metro to Moszkva Tér and then tram 61 replacement bus to old mental hospital. Didn't book into hospital but went to a little cake shop where Hulk and Haggis tucked into cakes while we gave the live hare a head start. We set off in light drizzle up and up, through numerous checks, ending at the viewing tower at Kis-Hárs-hegy. Bit too windy and precarious for me to go to the top, where Rabies described the various buildings including the secret institute to other runners. Then down and up to Nagy-Hárs-hegy less precarious viewing tower. Whilst taking in the views and Rabies describing the wrong hills, a rare event happened, Giving Head who was asking about some road that was missing, admitted to being wrong. Then down to a 24 hour beer stop at Szép Juhászné where met the hare and found a surprising choice of bottled beers. I noted what the nearby harmless alcoholic was drinking (not the hare) and was shocked to only pay 125ft. Is this the cheapest bottled beer in BP? The hare set off and the walkers arrived, Ten minutes late as usual complaining and Haggis generously handing out pogácsas. The runners set off through a rambling forest track and then down where Stiff Nipples spilled his own blood with a dramatic acrobatic gambol (given a 5.8 by Rabies). A few more checks and then onto Nagy-rét Merry-go-round area, then a huge penis on a war memorial, then finishing at the children's railway terminus where they they strangely sell beer. Waited a while for the walkers and then the circle disturbed by the beautiful steam engine (not Hot Steam) with lots of songs and laughter. A nearby caged dog was offered beer and refused. Then all off to a little restaurant where we sat outside and were offered 3 chicken wings with a part removed. Ten Minutes Late seemed to be required by the waitress to hand out food and drink for the rest. Most had pizza, my goose was good and the knuckle looked OK. Then the replacement bus back home. When we got to the Városmajor park Giving Head shouted that we should get off the bus and go for another drink. Luckily it was happy hour for cocktails. Haggis, Hulk and Giving Head ordered an Orgasm and Jaws a margarita. Incidently a cocktail from wikipedia: An Incredible Hulk, a green-coloured cocktail made by equal parts of the fruit liqueur Hpnotiq and Hennessy cognac poured over ice. Lots of jokes about the cocktails especially as Haggis was trying to break up her orgasm ice in a familiar manner. Unfortunately it all turned sour when Jaws was charged the non happy hour price, solved only after the manager gave the reduction saying don't get nervous. Perhaps he'd heard form Il Treno. We all went our separate ways after another fun day out.

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