Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HASH TRASH Sunday 10 July 2011

If anyone had told me that I would be a scribe for arriving last BEFORE 1130hrs at the appointed place,
I would have laughed! Well the laugh is on me because as usual I arrived early, but unbelievably I was the LAST
one there....and so I have the reluctant (but enthusiastic?) honour.

This was one of the hottest days in 80 something years here in Budapest, so the
Hash only lived up to part of the it's that there was drinking but no running involved. I cannot
remember the last time I only walked all the way on a trail!
Smokey Donkey decided he wanted to try out some Rom Kerts, so off we went to the 7th District, where some
prolific ones are to be found. Surprisingly only one was open at that time of the day....and that was Koleves.
So we enjoyed a drink there. However we witnessed a dog being abused rather badly by it's owner, so Smokey
Donkey was quick to shout at the owner to stop it. A consensus was echoed by some other patrons too, one of
whom also exchanged some words in Hungarian with the dog's owner. I guess the aggressive dog owner sized up his
position, and had it only been Smokey I am convinced he would have challenged him to a duel, but sensing he
was outnumbered, in his wisdom he refrained and backed off. I am sure Donkey was ready to beat the shit out of the
dog owner, given half a chance!
So having saved the poor dog we marched on to the
next venue, which was Grandios (or something like that). Luckily this place was well shaded by trees so it was
comfortable. Indeed so much so that we ended up having lunch there, along with some more drinks.This time
with little in the form of entertainment other than watching a bunch of hung over young
Americans who had obviously just woken up from partying the night before.

After a relaxing stop, we marched on.

The next stop along this arduous trail was a 'local' underground in the 8th District. Again without much incident.

The trail ended eventually in Varosliget at Kertem, which was quite busy and a number of dogs were running around
happily chasing each other. Smokey Donkey was still thinking about the abusive dog owner, so decided to find
out how to report such cruelty and abuse. There happened to be a stall for the WWF at Kertem, so he went and
enquired, and was advised he should just report it to the police, as there does not seem to be a body such as the
RSPCA in Hungary! Jaws recalled that on the previous Hash some Americans had their car broken into and valuables stolen, and they
had reported it to the police. But the police had still not arrived over a hour later when the hash had finished
the circle, so what chance is there that they would respond to a call for animal abuse?

But then this hash has it's fair share of Rabid animals and victims of Rabid animals. And even Rabid GMs for that
matter.....And then there is the constant entertaining victimisation of 'Customers' experienced by hashers at many
an etterem here in Hungary! One just does not know whether to laugh or cry. I guess you laugh when it happens to
someone else and you cry when it happens to you!

And so ended the hash.

In the true spirit of a
Hash there was a lot of drinking, but the problem being no running!

On On
Jaws, the scribe

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