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Hangover Run #1179

27 October 2013

Hares: Baldric and Tititata
Pack: Run by Battery, Genital Man, 10 Minutes Late, Giving Head, Stiff Nipples, Meer Cat Pussy, Sextax, Pussy Willow, Dick Dastardly, Likk'mm, Multiple Entry, Incredible Hulk, Haggis, Smokey Donkey

For a Hangover Run there was a good and, it has to be said, spritely turnout on Sunday. Clearly, those years of beer drinking training for the 30th anniversary celebrations had not gone to waste. Stiff Nipples, our RA was too modest to take credit for arranging the glorious warm weather for the weekend, but we all know he put in a good word for us with the Hash Gods.
We took the tram to Gellért and headed on up towards the statue. On the way we had to commiserate with those relaxing on sun beds besides the Gellért thermal pools. If only knew how much real pleasure they could be having climbing a steep hill in search of a blob of flour. And how will we know that we are on a hill without the accompanying moaning from 10 Minutes Late who now tackles them with the agility of a mountain goat?
There were stunning Hash Views all round and our Hares even managed to arrange for Father Abraham to be sung around the statue of Abraham in the Garden of Philosophy - the attention to Hash detail is truly commendable.

Then it was on on to our regular Beer Stop in the Castle District. Unbeknown to a solitary drinker, quietly studying his holiday photographs whilst waiting for his family to join him, he was soon to be surrounded by his new Hash friends, gasping for alcohol. However, he graciously acknowledged that he was perhaps not quite ready for this new experience and disappeared with his bemused family to the strains of "He's alright....." Will they ever return to Budapest I wonder? Off to a Rétes Stop next and a chance to meet Wash and Blow, NFHN Balázs, and little Aliz (in Wonderland). Alize demonstrated some pretty impressive step climbing, clearly in training for haring a trail soon that includes as many steps as Baldric's!

And so the trail finished amidst the usual confusion- the walkers arriving at the wrong German restaurant and the beer at Batthyány tér but the circle beside Király Gyógyfürdö. After the circle, Baldric decided to roll about in the leaves until it was pointed out that whilst he thought they were full of grit, it was more likely they contained something that rhymes with grit!!
Throughout the weekend celebrations, Baldric was our co-Hare; co-RA and co-median, with some dodgy joke telling. Hash Trash Joke Alert: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Damn!!
I'm sure those of you who missed the celebrations are beating yourselves up now over what fun you missed! Don't despair though as googling 'The Budapest Hash House Harriers' brings up a 2002 entry on xpatloop which states, 'The BH3 was founded in 1985 and is today running stronger than ever..... The average turnout is now around 30 each week'. Yes 30 runners, running strongly, but since 1985! Surely this weekend was not a case of 'Premature Celebration'! Does it mean we can repeat all again in 2 years time? I hope so.
Thanks to all those who contributed to making it a great time - you know who you are.


Pussy Willow


Anniversary Run #1178

26 October 2013

Hare: Rabies
Pack: Incredible Hulk, Haggis, Pussy Willow, SexTax, Sunny Side Up, Burnt Toast, Giving Head, Stiff Nipples, Meer Cat Pussy, Baldric, Tititata, Eager Beaver, Dick Dastardly, Likk'mm, Multiple Entry, Wash and Blow, NFHN Balázs and little Aliz, HairBall and Pox, Pedalling Pussy, NFHN Marina and Ági

After Friday Night Pub Crawl it was an impressive number of people attending. With usual hash mis-management finally we got to our start point where Rabies gave instructins on our local hash signes. After Multiply Entry blessing the Hare of the Day and the trail, the runners head off - Head who said Head? Passing by Puskás Öcsi the legendary football player we were united with the walkers in the Amphitheatrum for Father Abraham song: our version and from our visitor's the Birmingham version as well. Our trail went on and up with some spectacular views and challenging climbing. The runners arrived at the usual un-official Beer Stop at Fenyőgyöngye where the waiters are familiar with our sloppy appearance for a Sunday Lunch-time beer. We met the short-cutting walkers at the official beer-stop at Pálvölgyi barlang where zsíros-kenyér and pogácsa went well with the beer. 

We were hoping that the trail would go straight down to our starting point from Pálvölgyi maybe with an additional cake stop at Daubner but no, it was not the case. Only HairBall and Pox had the guts to do that and the trail continued still going up and down on the hills of Rózsadomb and the neighbourhooding slopes. Being the end of October weather was wonderful -  our RA did a great job, maybe too damn good for this time of the year - so we didnt mind the f***ing long trail and finally got to our final destination: not for the day but at least for the trail to our starting point at the bank of the Danube. The circle went on and on for hours with Multiply Entry's 'watch my little finger' announcement before every hash-song. We could be still there if we couldnt have to leave to get ready for the Anniversary Dinner at Stefania.  So singing the Hash Hymn we were done with our 30th Anniversary Run circle.

For the 30th Anniversary Dinner we gathered at Stefánia that was the former officer club of the Hungarian Army. We had an 'All you can Eat and unlimited Drink Buffet' style dinner. I guess the hosts were not aware how much true Hashers can drink. I am wondering if we can ever get an other reservation to that place again or they are on bankruptcy by now...
The birthday cake was a fantastic one from Daubner with chocolate-mousse filling and covered with marzipan with On-On-On written on. We had an excellent memorable time; even though some of the Hashers had difficulty to recall that the next day.


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