Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear Friends in The Hash,

I'm sending out these photos particularly to those of you, who could be there yet have missed this fabulous hash run in Budapest, despite my f__king polite previous invitation. Just envy the smart us who were there! /:+))

Brief Hash Trash Report: Run # 1184
Turnout: Some twelve-some brave veteran BPH3 hashers and a Pole. (See cover photo)
Names: Check the pictures for names. It was difficult to follow the fluctuation. Some of us left too early, some of us came too late.
Virgins, visitors: Not f__king one.
Returnees: Most of us.
Location: Mostly in fog. Most of it in Törökvész Forest and in the vicinity of Árpád Outlook, I think, as much as I could see it.
Live Hare: Incredible Hulk.
Shitty trail: Incredibly shitty, as usual. If this was what you call a "welcome back" trail, well, I'll never come back again.../:+))
Circle Ceremony: Conducted by His Hash Honor RA, Professor Stiff Nipples, at his place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Hash Food: Pizzas at Stiff Nipples' place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Puzzling Beer Tasting Test: Conducted by Stiff Nipples at Stiff Nipples' place, by courtesy of him and his Giving Head.
Evaluation: Grade A+++! Unforgettable and unforgivable! Great run with a fantastic finishing debauchery! Congratulations! /:+))

Season's Greetings, Beers & Cheers and OnOn, Rabies (the Scribe)

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