Monday, June 16, 2014

15.06.2014 Hash number 1200
Red Dress Run

Participants: Stiff Nipples,Giving Head, (lucky you Jozsef) Haggis, Incredible Hulk, Baldric, Tittitata, Genital Man, Run by Battery, Better Laid Than Never, Rocking Horse and NFHN Judit.

As usual everyone met at Batthany Ter for what was according to according to our erstwhile friend Stiff Nipples our 1200th hash run.I for one won't argue with that, he is after all a professor and as such one assumes he can count!
A warm welcome was given to new girl Rocking Horse who has moved to Budapest and will be joining us regularly from now on.
As it was the Red Dress Run I was surprised to see two of the female hashers not attired in dresses of any colour.  ALL the men were of course dressed appropriately in red frocks, some even wearing red underwear apparently! I can't of course verify that but hey, they're hashers, nothing would surprise me!
The trail was laid by Baldric and his other half Tittitata (someone has to look after him) around the Castle District and district XII. The trail was a good one, the right mix of hills and some easier downhill stuff to give old farts like me a chance to get our breath back. A beer stop at the half way point was a welcome break, especially for NFHN Judit  who managed to look up my dress while I was talking to Haggis and espied my knickers! After quenching our thirst we continued on our trek onwards and upwards. Better Laid Than Never and I lost the trail but eventually caught up with the rest of the group as they were forming the circle. Someone, I know not who, had managed to get some COLD beer while they were waiting for us to arrive. Whoever it was will have my eternal gratitude, thank you,
thank you, thank you!!! While we were having the circle, a chap came over to complain about the fact there was a cemetery nearby. I think he thought we were too noisy. I've never heard of the dead complaining about anything! After being given short shrift from Baldric he then countered that there was a church behind us! I don't go to church (too busy having fun hashing) but I wouldn't complain about them singing their hymns! Never mind, it didn't spoil the fun. After the circle we went off to a local restaurant for some well earned food, drink and the usual good humoured banter. A good day, good weather, good trail and of course good company!

Genital Man  

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