Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13th - #848 Csillebérc

Hares: NFG Nora and St.Anus (psosd) (Route)

Scribe: Bursting Bladder

Appearances receded
somehow for run 848 where only 8 hashers turned out. Hares were Nora and fortunately Stanus who covered for her in her absence. The good part is we could do with two cars and set off to the parking lot behind Csillaberc.

It was a beautiful day apart from we had to pass two car wrecks where at least one of them had been speeding. Passing such things takes time in Hungary, but in the end we arrived and took off to a trail well marked, that is the falsies were.

As usual there were two groups, the walkers and the, let us say, fast walkers, fortunate enough to have the hare among them, the others "among them" beeing Non-smokey Donkey (Sic!) BB and the Incredible who actually ran now and then. Whether it was their cheerful talking or BB´s irregular hooting that disturbed the activity of a peeping tom, we don´t know, but he ordered them in not exactly her Majesty´s English to "shut up", which of course made them very quiet.

After having studied the broken wing of an unfortunate plane, clearly explained as Repülés emlékmü, the slow walkers caught up. These were Haggish, Ten Minutes Late, Thomas (?)- FNG and, from now on Mama San. They were giwen poofters´ directions by Stanus and and the brisk walkers took on climbing Szekréoyes hegy with an abandoned launching ramp for gliders. They still get up though, as we saw four of them circling above Vitorlazórepülö tér. (You know where that is, don´t you?) From here it was plain sailing, down-hill past an apparently closed equestrian center and back to the parking lot, by and large avoiding the excellent road covering this distance.

Hulk was speeding ahead with keys for the amber to quelch the thirst of the walkers that were assumed having arrived by shortcutting. It turned out they had not. By intense use of technology they were located in Nagyszenászug - the opposite direction of what thy were told to go. Astronomy simply explaned, i.e. the sun´s position did not help, and Hulk set up a rescue expedition. Within smelling range of him they decided to take a different route however - and after one hour´s waiting we could ascertain that no one was missing.

That is the Donkey had left for family busines but on the other hand was substitued by Rabies, who during the waiting - actually substantially less - had taken himself and his push-bike to the hill by raw muscle power, for the circle and the on inn.

Due to foregoing procrastination the circle was made short and sweet without virgins, visitors, newcomers, announcements or returnees. There was a Japanese though, and midst a lot of charming suggestions for names she was given the honourable name of Mama San with appropriate amounts of flour and beer added. Whether this made her decide not to join us for lunch, we don´t know, but she did not when Rabies led us to the Jokai Klub where we had lunch and an impromptu Mis Management Meeting.

Here is the link to Incredible Hulk's photos
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