Friday, May 11, 2007

May 6th - #847 Gellért Hegy

Hares: Sex Tax and NFG Tom (Route Map)

Report on Hash Number 847

It was a balmy grey Sunday morning as I arrived promptly at the appointed hour to greet a collection of other hashers poised to take on the challenge set by Hares of the day, SexTax and (yet to be named)Tom. So! you may query, why is this days account scribed by my hand, when it is destined for the tardy arriver. Once again I have been the victim of connivance, conspiracy and false accusations on the part of members of the mismanagement committee, entrapping me into this servitude.

On and Further On

With grand enthusiasm and some suspicion of rain the group set off for the base of the Citadel, SexTax herded the runners while (yet to be named)Tom, provided additional guidance to the larger but more languid group of walkers. The trail began with a slow accent that tended to circumnavigate the citadel mount. It winded through gentle sloping trails and across flower studded meadows and lawns, There were several stretches of long flat gravel covered pathways, allowing the runners to maintain a cruising pace and the walkers to settle back into even deeper thought. The trail included several checkpoints some of which were laid so crafty that they required the intervention of the Hare. Otherwise we would still be running around the Citadel. A series of stairways brought us to the summit and the familiar breathtaking view of Budapest environs.

Following a casual jog across the grounds and onto the downward sloping roadway we encountered the welcomed BN mark, adjacent to which was a familiar way station. We were soon accommodated with chairs, tables and a round of that venerated amber liquid. The enjoyment or which was accented by unintended entertainment provided by an eclectic assortment of passers-by. Well nourished, we resumed the trail. It led down through sloping smooth pathways and narrow rock strewn catwalks around the East side of the mount. Another breathtaking view to the south and few more check points led to the end, also the beginning, of the Hash. Arriving first, the runners succumbed to waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more till finally the vanguard of the walkers appeared followed shortly thereafter by the remainder of the group.

The Hash circle began with the recognition of the Hares, SexTax and (yet to be named) Tom who set a modest and enjoyable route. As there were no newcomers or returnees this day, a few trifles and frivolities were proclaimed to create some down downs just for the hell of it, the exception being the usual technology violations. Future Hares anointed themselves with the task for the next two weeks, none of whom I can remember. And Wet Blanket made two very profound announcements, the first having to do with interest in the Rolling Stones concert and the other, I also cannot remember.

Thus closed Hash number 847 to be remembered by few and missed by none.

Yours truly,

Andy aka Cheesy(surely there is a better name)Balls

*We did have a visitor from the Madrid Hash. Well Hungary is a Budapesti girl living in Madrid.

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