Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 22nd - Hash #857 Margit Island

Hares BB and Dyke

The temperatures must have been a wee bit above normal in good ole Buda as the usual meeting point was abandoned in favour of a shadier spot across the road under an obliging tree (species unknown but it did have lots of leaves providing the necessary). This led to initial confusion for at least one member - no names mentioned and I will have to be killed to divulge that information – as on alighting from the tram they could not see anyone and thought they had all ran (doubtful) off.

But to keep with some sort of tradition we all crossed the road for the circle where the plan of the day was divulged by BB. Unfortunately, I missed this bit as had popped over the road for liquid refreshment so I can’t shed any light. On my return asked some individuals what had been said and they couldn’t either. I wonder if they had been listening or if alcohol consumption is slowly affecting their memories as it is mine. Perhaps they didn’t care.

Anyway unusually the trail started with a circle and with 3x aWeenie and Sex Tax (our token runners) and St Anus setting out in opposite directions. As I was at the time busy socializing I missed subsequent hash calls but followed the pack which included the hares assuming they knew where they were going. Not always the best policy but there is sometimes safety in numbers. I was momentarily worried about St Anus and looked around to see if he was following. Someone in a conspicuous red shirt was lurking furtively around a bus door but this is purely circumstantial and one shouldn’t rely on such evidence.

Anyway the pack meandered purposely towards Margit Hid chatting, catching up with news of friends and social events. Before we knew it we were up the steps and dodging death crossing the road. Being at the back of the pack I must admit to not looking for the trail or hearing any onons but I am sure our illustrious leaders were following true hash conventions. So there we were on Margit Island, light of feet heading towards the topless sunbathers at the waters edge. No beer stop here though so we skipped along, a merry band, regaining height and thankfully shade spotting dollops of white powder and too many besci bellies. A brief stop to buy beer from an obliging lady with a fridge on wheels and we were quickly ushered on to a shady glen where a pleasant interlude ensued with BB stopping, dropping his bags and announcing a sports stop. Bats and balls and various other items of torture were the produced and after an initial apathetic bit of tossing and fumbling with balls, Pussy Willow and Honorable visitor NFG Peter organized us into an entertaining game of good old fashioned rounders. Rules were changed as and when required and a jolly time was had by nearly all. The crowd never uttered a cheer from the spectators blanket but who can blame them?

We were all sad when we had to pack away but the thought of what might lay ahead spurred us on. Disappointing to some the planned swimming stop was ditched but St Anus quickly spotted a water hose with which he tried to cool down the pack. The request for a wet tee shirt competition were ignored and the pack plodded on. Our next stop at the ruined Dominican church was educational and we were all told how Bela IV sent his daughter Margit there to be a nun at the age of 9. So what was the island called before then? Answers please on a postcard.

On On as the saying goes so we did.

We lost a few of the pack at a café as another unplanned beer stop was required but as our dental tourists from the Trossachs, Run by Battery and Trigamist had inside knowledge as they all made it back to the circle. The rest of the trail passed in a blur but there was a pond and some terrapins who were moving faster than us and before you could say another “on” there was BBs car with the promise of a cold beer lurking inside it.

The circle slowly assembled and there was much elbowing and naming. Visitors were welcomed, Peter the Lawyer and Mimi and Oink from the Trossachs. Heinous crimes such as Hats in the Circle were admitted to with no shame and the usual culprit, Sex Tax was given a down down for yet again being the only hasher not to have committed a crime. The shame.

Another hash over, we slowly disassembled. Some to lunch at the Water Tower others to watch the Open and others to get to the airport. Thanks to hares BB and Dyke…their last trail for the Budapest Hash. You will be missed.


Smokey Donkey, Madonna with the big boobies (?), Hot Flush, Sex Tax, Pussy Willow, 10 minutes late, StAnus, CheesyBalls, Runs by Battery, Trigamist, Giving Head, 3 x a Weenie, NFG Peter, wee visitors Mimi and Oink , and a special appearance by Kare-Ozzie

Still waiting on trash from last 3 hashes

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