Thursday, July 19, 2007

Movie Rules

Hi, first FFFL* and now Cheesy Balls & Hot "I won't need my mobile so I'll leave it at the lake" Flush, have left the hash without any trash for the past 18 days, I thought I would share this important bit of movie news.

Too many people do not understand proper Movie Theater etiquette. I the past all theaters had to do was to remind patron to go grab a treat from the lobby

Now a days people in theaters are so rude they need to be told explicitly what that shouldn't do during the film, like lighting up a smoke. Really when was the last time you could smoke during the film? And the god-damned crying babies in an R-rates (18+) film, leave 'em at home. Well Hollywood has finally acted and this promo will be shown before all new movies. Trust me it is really geared towards a newer generation. I am sure you will be humming it on the way home.

Think people will get the message? Sadly, probably not.

*Fucking Frustrated Frog Legs

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