Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 12th - Hash #860 Normafa

Sunday 12 August

Didn't go to Sziget Festival so was able to make to down to Batthyany Ter on time to meet Rabies and Incredible Hulk. Went to get some food from shop and met Ten minutes late in the queue. Back to not the exact meeting point (someone has put a redbull flying thing in the way) where Run by battery and Trigamist had arrived. The reason for the small turn out was discussed...maybe the Sziget or the insulting scribing of last week.

The 6 of us got into 3 cars (not very carbon friendly) and drove up to Normafa. Trigamist offered to live hare for the 3 runners and Run by battery offered to take Ten minutes late into the woods. The walkers left, the hare left and the runners waited. The route went through the forest with a few wrong turnings, then to an open area where it all went a bit wrong for me. We all went in different directions and I lost the other 2. Couldn't hear any on on's only the birds.

Eventually found the correct route after a few good false trails by the hare, but I was on my own, so took a while. Trail then followed the children's railway but then I lost the trail again and as I knew where I was I decided to take the road back just in case the others were waiting for me in the circle. No one was at the car but spotted Trigamist with a sorry looking Rabies outside the pub having a pint. Turned out that Rabies had got lost as well. Swopped a few wrong trail stories over a drink, then the Hulk arrived the only one to complete the route. He'd done it on his own and even gone back and marked the checks of which there were many, according to his clever contraption completing over 10k.

He was surprised that he'd seen 'the lovers' not far from the finish but they weren't back, so heaven knows what was going on on. They finally arrived and we all relaxed over a beer and the now usual sex stories of Run by battery and Ten minutes late, including one about a wet bottom I've had to censor. Back to the car for the down downs, but with only 3 people drinking the excuses became even more inventive. I was volunteered to hare the following week and to write this...a little unfair.

Retired back to Jokai, and an old house of famous Hungarian writer which is now a restaurant for the best bean soup in town. Some had pancakes and everyone was surprised that we were the only customers as the quality was very good.

10 minutes late dropped me off and then straight off to Sziget festival, where, as a test of who reads this, I did a streak around the main stage the next morning, getting chased by 2 mud men. hash

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