Sunday, August 5, 2007

July 29nd - Hash #858 Rozsa Domb

Hares: GMs SexTax & PussyWillow

The 29th day of July opened with a gleaming sun, radiating from a bright blue sky. To the north a smattering of wispy clouds, to the south a cover of white and grey met the horizon. A moderate balmy breeze blew across the Danube to fan an assembly of 16 Hashers for run number 867, (or somewhere thereabouts), marking the last and final Hash for BB and The Dyke as residents of Budapest. After an exchange of greetings, brief in my case as a result of tardiness, the usually disorganized chaos ensued concerning the groups transit to the starting point for the days run. The Hare pair, Sex Tax and Pussy Willow led the mounted charge, combining bus and car, towards the elevated environs of Budapest’s third district.

Upon arrival, the group not so quickly divided into almost equal numbers of runners and walking and set out upon a wooded trail. With Sex Tax guiding all running and Pussy Willow herding the walkers we soon emerged from a trail to the paved streets of the District. The course laid by the Hares included an interesting combination of alternating challenges. We traversed rolling hills with meadows and forested paths, sloping residential byways, bustling city streets, quiet and sublime city parks and even a sports running track meant to stifle the progress of any pedantic or overly energetic front runners.

The midpoint of the day’s trek included a planned and much appreciated beer stop. A brief disappointment greeted the first arrivals, finding the establishment to be closed on Sundays. Not to worry, our resourceful Hares had a back up plan! We were soon relaxing under a shaded portico enjoying a refreshing libation, although some found the fare for which to be a bit haughty.

A number of noteworthy viewpoints were encountered along the 9+ kilometer route. Panoramic views of Budapest from the northern heights overlooking the Danube’s meandering curve toward the City center. An educational stop at the shrine of Gul Baba, a 16th century benevolent Turk who was into rose gardening and whose very steps we may have been following. Thus when all the geography and history lessons were concluded the Hares led the way on a long hilly homeward stretch, finally arriving at the starting point and another much needed libation.

The circle of Hash 867 (or somewhere thereabout) was marked by the passing of the scepter from outgoing GM, BB to our newly anointed GM Sex Tax (Don't forget PussyWillow). Amidst this noted fanfare were the usually down downs for the usually variety of reasons, none of which merit writing down. The exception being a newcomer named XXXX, whom we hope to see more of! ahh!! and to see on another hash as well.

Yours truly, Andy, (reluctantly) aka: Cheesy (still hinting for a change) Balls

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