Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct. 28th - Hash #871(?) Bangcocks Back

Hare: Bangcock
Scribe: Cuz he could tell a time change we he saw one....Bangcock!

Here goes:

The start of Sunday's Hash was mad. The Hash weather Gods cooperated with a decent day but the Gods of Chronological Accuracy threw a "hissy fit" and thoroughly confused the hare (moi), Paresh and Svetlana. We managed to get to Battyhany an hour early thinking we were on time. We waited a half an hour and decided that, since no one else had shown up, we would save this trail for another week and we departed.

I was changing back at my flat when I got a call from Jaws advising me of the fact that the clocks were set back last night and the time we should have been at the start was NOW. Scheisse!!!!!

Dashing back to Battyhany I found a pack of, I believe, eleven hashers champing at the bit. Not in any particular order they were: Sex Tax, Rabies, Mamma San, Hulk, Cheesey Balls, St. Anus, French Tom,Randall, Sheila, Ronald and Juliette. I apologize if I left anyone out and for not remembering all Hash Names. Unfortunately my two companions from the "early" start had departed on other missions and couldn't return.

At any rate we soon jumped into the available vehicles and-or took the 11 bus to the start at the same venue as last weeks romp and off we went into the woods but on the other side of the road this time. The runners were baying as they charged down the trail with someone, whose name I won't mention, taking a header on the slippery path.

After a few checks which the runners very thoroughly investigated, we came to the first of the two scenic view sites and the walkers were right behind. We clambered out on the rocky promentory to admire the view of the leaves that have changed colors on the trees down in the valley then it was off once more.

Sliding down the red mud slope to the hiking path below the runners took off up the trail and around the bend to the second scenic view site, again with the walking group closely behind. Once there we got to clamber out onto a rocky knoll where the valley really opened out below us. It was good that we were able to get out to see the trees this week as the leaves may well be gone shortly.

From this point the hare (moi) led out to check the trail, lay new marks and mark the runner-walker trail split. The pack following had to climb through the rocks up to the top of the rocky hill, go through an old concrete "pill box" (smelly) and along a fenceline behind some very nice residences. Then it was back down the hill while scrambling across the slope till we were back on the hiking trail again.

From this point the trail followed arrows to the runner-walker split where the runners went down the hill to do their extended run-in through a couple of checks on the paved roads and then did a beat back up the "main" road to the On-In. The walkers went further along the path before climbing the hill once more on another trail and following part of the original trail in reverse to the On-In.

The beer arrived in good order and the hare was only slightly chastized for the trail being too short. However, since the hare (moi) is a card carrying member of HALT (Hashers Against Long Trails) he did not feel badly about the trail length.

We welcomed back our hashers returning from abroad, Sex Tax and Rabies, and our returnees, Randall and Sheila, and even had a birthday down-down but for the life of me I can't remember whose it was. After the down-downs, Rabies conducted an auction for the lovely T-shirts he brought back from the Dubai Hash and we closed the circle.


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