Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sept 30th - Hash #867

Scribe: Wet Blanket

Sickness has laid me low so here's my vague memories of Sunday's attempt at a run/walk. Can't recall half the hash names or ordinary names so a pathetic attempt.

After the usual, no unusually long delays trying to decide where to go and what to do, with no official hares forthcoming, the smallish group with a virgin and two returnees (Dutch and Hungarian) from the wilds of Switzerland (Thun area) formerly Budapest and Lake Balaton (hashers may recall their splendid meals and hospitality on previous momentous occasions, pity I can only remember Andrea's name, its the sickness upon me), ended up at Normafa.

Minus flour and suitable tracks, the handful of runners amazingly returned at the allotted time but walkers meandered aimlessly about and several lost souls turned up late, complaining bitterly. One was apparently told off or accosted he said by an old lady but no valid explanation was given, unless I missed it completely. I (Wet blanket, the only hash name I can remember) was one of the lost ones, and had to desperately ask a native at one point where the bloody bus was or at least the road. Not the most prestigious hash. Forgive my ramblings.


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