Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov. 4th - Hash #87? II District

Hares: Austro-Australian Empire
Scribe: NFG Ernst-Jan

The sun was shining when the Hashers arrived at the usual meeting point near the Batthyány tér Metro. While enjoying the view of the Hungarian parliament all the hashers left by car. After 20 minutes we arrived and already get lost.

After finding the way back the hashers meet each other for a Hash flash, a warming up and of course an introduction for the visitors, virgins and returnees. Especially the virgins received a very good treatment during the trail: no penalties were given for doing business with the virgins.

However, the warming up is also a very important point of interest for this very overwhelming article. Most of the people were really good dancers, except the French. They cannot sing, dance and buy warm jackets. The people who danced looked like dancers in a MTV clip of Madonna (like a virgin). I can’t dance, so I was not a part of the dancers. However, my muscles in my belly warmed up thanks to the laughing!

After the Hash flash the trail started. Socializing, running and stuff from trees made it happen that a few of us missed some Hash spots. Moreover, did we miss the ‘Hash - before - circle - beer - spot’? I did!

Back at the starting point the Dutch people were just like all the Americans surprised by the fact that we could drink HEINEKEN…. In the circle several penalties were given to people who peed during the trail, for new joiners, for returnees, for wearing sunglasses, for wearing caps. But no penalty was given for calling during the trail?? Did we miss someone?

After the circle OnOn. The most went for a lunch to the Austrian and the Austria! While I went home with one of the virgins…..


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