Friday, November 23, 2007

Nov. 18th - Hash #876???

Hare: SexTax
Scribe: Cant Say No

The Mob: Can´t Say No, Bangkok, Donkey, Rabies, plus a NFG runner ( think that was it) +1 (which we lost before the run began).

Usual meeting point and a slim crowd. We already lost one person as we started up the hill, so it was a small pack with 2 runners as part of the gang.

Up and down then down and up we went.
Stop and start and stop and start went the drizzling rain.
In and out and out and in of the castle districts alleys, lane ways and secret passages.

Hoot Toot Hoot Toot went Rabies hash whistle.

Blah blah blah blah went the walkers.

All these activities thankfully culminating in a beer stop which doubled as our circle.

Until next time.
Can´t Say No

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