Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec. 16th - Hash #878

Scribe - Bangcock

As normal the pack gathered at Battyhany Ter for the start. Noone had volunteered to hare this week so Rabies (Actually my name is St. Anus or Liam, Rabies is the old guy) “lept” into the breech and led us up to the Castle area for a romp around in the cold and snow laying all over.

Actually there was quite a nice sized pack and forgive me for not remembering all Hash names so I will use “Nerd” names. Attending were our returnee from Qatar, Sue, Juliette and Melissa our favorite Munchkin hasher were with us as well as Liam (St Anus), Cedrick (Baldric), Zuza (Giving Head), Paresh (Jaws), Ericka (Oral Orgasm), Nata (Run By Battery), Mona returned from Sweden to rejoin us, “French” Thomas (CANT FUCKING SCRIBE) was there smiling, of course Rabies as Hare and yours truly having been dubbed scribe for arriving last.

After huffing and puffing up the stairs leading to near the top we slogged off through the snow behind the Hilton where some stalwarts set about with a snowball battle from the top of the pedestrian bridge crossing the road. The snowballs continued along the ramparts with Zuza proving to be a hard core snowball battler even ambushing some “innocents” and letting them enjoy the feeling of snow down their necks. Our little “munchkin” (Eagle Eye'd) also is no slouch in slinging the wet and icy balls of snow.

We took off then along the Museum walk and back down the hill to the streets below to return to Battyhany for an abbreviated circle. Following the circle the hash proved itself to be of one mind when we agreed to go to three or four different restaurants for post hash lunch. Somehow a consensus was reached (probably because it was coooold) and we marched around the corner and up the block to a German restaurant that had been thoroughly slagged by many. I think it is called “Adolph’s Revenge”.

At any rate we were greeted by a very well constructed waitress who never cracked a smile until she was assured that we were not homeless people just getting out of the cold but were in truth paying customers willing to part with Forints for food and drink. The only comment on the food is to pass on Rabies high recommendation for the Vegetarian sausage. ON! ON! To next week and Szentendre.

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