Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec. 30th - Hash #880

Scribe: Bangcock

Here’s to Fair weather Hashers
Fair weather Hashers
Fair weather Hashers
Here’s to the Fair weather Hashers
Who weren’t with us today!

They’re happy, they’re jolly
But absent by golly.
Here’s to the Fair weather Hashers
Who weren’t with us today!

What more can I say……. This was the last hash of 2007 and most of you remaining in Budapest and could have joined us, chose to stay in. As the French would say, Tant pis, tant pis!

If you weren’t there you missed an absolutely beautiful romp through the woodlands of Huvosvolgy. (Sorry but I don’t have the accent marks on my laptop.) There were only five, count ‘em 5, stalwart hashers who braved the -5C temperature to head out (HEAD, who said head?) along the tree lined paths. There was Rabies sporting his normal wall-to-wall grin, the Absolutely Incredible Hulk wearing his usual tank top and speedo’s, Tiny Balls who while only here for a brief visit from the USA chose to leave his loverly Hungarian bride on the eve of their first wedding anniversary to join the hash, our shivering Frustrated Frog complete with knocking knees and chattering teeth and the superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock.

We waited and waited at Battyhany for hours but we remained the few and the proud and so set off for the wilds of Huvosvolgy. On parking at the start on the other side of the road from the end of the 56 tram line we found that there was a large group of hikers already there preparing to start out on the trails through the woods. Look ashamed you who weren’t there because most of these folk were blind and they were out for the day in the woods.

After an illuminating and instructive talk by the superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock, (Look….I’m writing this and I can write it the way I want!!!!) the runners, Rabies, Hulkster and Tiny Balls set out along the excellently marked trail followed by the walking pack, French Frog and the superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock. The superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock, had been out the day before until dark extensively marking the trail with copious amounts of flour and reams of TP (That’s toilet paper for those of you not as knowledgeable as you should be.) The marks remained in almost pristine condition and the TP was still in place where attached to branches. It was a veritable Hash highway.

The walking pack, Frustrated Frog and the superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock, bypassed the first check to allow the runners to do the dogleg with another check and several false trails while we followed the lower path to its end and another check. On arrival at this check we found that it wasn’t marked and concluded that we must somehow have beaten the runners to it and hustled up the gut wrenching hill climb of Condor utca trying to stay ahead of the runners.

We made it (perhaps) ahead of the runners and back into the woods we went. We continued on for another thirty-seven kilometers along a hiking trail and around the back of the mountainous Nyeki-hegy passing another check and two which-ways with still no sign of the runners. At this time concern arose that the runners “could” have gotten ahead of us and were already back at the start quaffing down the Hash beer but we “soldiered” on. At long last we arrived at the point where a small path cut off from the trail to head back to the start still following an excellently marked trail. (Listen, I said it before, I’m writing this and I can say what I want!!!!)

After another twenty-two kilometers along this path we came down out of the woods and crossed the small bridge arriving at the start. No runners were there nor were they in sight. Being wise and wiley hashers we immediately adjourned to the beautiful little bar across the street by the side of the tram line and had beverages. Three quarters of a beer later we saw the runners arriving into the parking lot and joined them there for the circle.

On meeting up with the runners we learned that the cunningly laid trail, with several looooong first legs on true trails after checks had bewildered the runners. They had had to go back and recheck several trails that they had thought were false. (This despite the fact that the superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock, had clearly told them before the start that he had marked every false trail with the three bars sign.) However, all made it in none the worse for wear, although the Hulkster was showing clear signs of frozen drool on his beard. It was definitely coooooold.

A few sins were recognized in the circle and Tiny Balls was duly welcomed back albeit for a brief visit. As most attendees had things to do, the circle was fairly brief and the runners departed for their respective residences to get re “plugged in” with their “squeezes”. Being a “good” hasher, Hulk dropped off the now frozen Frenchman and your superb HARE du jour, myself, Bang Cock, at Moskova ter to enjoy a belly filling après hash repast.

NOTE: It was resolved that from this hash on, HARES do NOT have to pay for their hash. It was agreed that since the HARES normally purchase flour and trail marking supplies and invest their time in reccing out and laying the trails, HARES now run for free at their hash. So let’s get out and volunteer to hare trails. Let’s develop a full hare line with all coming weeks filled in. ON! ON!

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