Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec. 23th - Hash #879

Scribe : Bangcock

Despite not really being the last to arrive, yours truly was tagged again to writ up this weeks Hash. It was a fun day and those who missed it missed a good gathering.

Last week Cedrick had volunteered to hare this trail in Szentendre. Rabies was the first at Battyhany with Cedrick. Then Zuza and our “token” Frenchman, Thomas were there and bringing up the rear were Ericka, Paresh and myself. Rabies took Cedrick off to start the trail while the rest of us took the Hev to meet him at the Szentendre station.

My God! But it was icy on the roads and paths when we arrived. It was almost like ice-skating at Varosligit Park on Monday evening. (Yes! There was ice-skating last Monday but attended only by Rabies, Myself, Sanya and Mona but we did have a good time.) Fortunately the weather did dry up through the afternoon and the slickness disappeared. (It did stay pretty cold though.) Cedrick the rabbit had started off and the pack followed the trail he had laid. It took us through many neighborhoods of Szentendre, up hills and down via wide streets, narrow streets, walkways and stairways. In truth it was an interesting route even going through an old cemetery where the pack discussed the burial customs here. We passed beside a small stream that was crusted with ice and up and down many of the cobblestone streets of Szentendre. We also skirted the Café Rodin with its grounds filled with sculptures. By this time (having unknowingly covered both the walkers and runners trail) the pack was a bit chilled and was sorely tempted to stop and get something to drink to warm up. However, in thinking of the hares and runners, the pack decided to press on to the finis so as not to make them wait too long. The trail ended and the hash coalesced in the central square of Szentendre.

There we congregated around the stand manned by the Rotary Club for some “free” Glewewine that we quickly learned was 900 Forints but the bread and snacks were free. This was definitely not enough so we adjourned to a nearby restaurant for an excellent meal where we were “ogled at” through the window by various passers by. A short while later when crowds gathered in the square we found that really free Glewewine was available at a table outside the Corona restaurant.

Then the fun began. There were Hungarian Christmas sung and a Christmas quartet playing other songs and music. One interesting aspect was that many ladies were circulating through the crowd passing out home made cookies to everyone. It was a lovely gesture and contributed to the seasonal good feelings. Following this we went up the road a bit and down into an interesting old bar cut into a wine cellar. Here we imbibed some of the least expensive wine we have ever had. While the others lingered over the cheap wine, I went further up the hill in the cold with Zuza and her sister to another small square where some of the townspeople were putting on a Nativity Christmas play on an open air stage. Here there was also a free Glewewine table that was getting a great deal of attention. Many families were there mit Kin und Kinder and there was definitely a lot of Christmas atmosphere about.

When the play was over we meandered back to the wine cellar to join the other hashers only to find that they had cleaned out the bar of its hot wine. As it was getting a bit late we decided to return to the train station where Zuza introduced us to her “favorite” bar in Szentendre. There were definitely some “strange” people in there and their taste in music was loud and strident. Also to visit the bathroom one had to get the barman to come over and unlock the door to the cage around the stairs leading up to the bathrooms. And that wasn’t all when you were finished you had to get him to come over again to unlock it and let you out. Having said that, the beer was cold and it was a warm place in which we waited for the train to return to Budapest.

ON! ON! To next week and the last Budapest Hash for 2007. I will hare that one BUT Hares ARE needed for the following weeks. Step up to the plate and Hare a trail!

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