Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hash #884

Once again those who chose to stay in missed a good one. Attending today's hash were two stalwart "Hearts of Oak" representing England's finest (Baldric and Jason). Then there was our Bulgarian temptress (Darina), myself and the ever present and fascinating Rabies, "Off the Wagon" Smokey Donkey plus of course our Haring couple, Ginger Pussy and Randall.

We set out on a lovely course from in front of a Plus supermarket where we picked up additional beer and water. (There was one "gentleman" staggering around in front of the market who looked like he would have been more than willing to hijack our beer.)

At the start the Hash weather Gods provided us with a bit more water and wind than we would have preferred but later the rain and blustery wind abated (somewhat).

Amazingly the agile runners were able to find the traces of flour remaining from the evening before and the walking pack followed them on a lovely jaunt along the Duna opposite Cshipel Siget (pardon spelling but what the H!)

While the runners beat feet down the river; off to the west and up a hill to a scenic mausolium (spelling??), the walkers took a short cut past an exotic Gypsy camp and from thence across roads, bridges and trams to the beer stop. Timing could not
have been better as the runners arrived at the same time.

Inside the pub's warm environs we toasted with mugs of glorious Glewewine the likes of which I have not tasted outside of Deutschland. It was wonderful plus there were bowls and bowls of peanuts which were consumed down to the last shell. The prices were also appealing to we hashers.

Our noble Ginger Pussy took off and laid the second half live with her assistant Darina. After giving them a fair head start (Head...who said head?) the walkers set off followed in due course by the running pack. All were aided by a following wind which billowed the shorts of our "Jolley English Tars". Rabies was "drafting" on them. The ensuing 2K got us to the proximity of the start where the beer wagon was
brought to the circle.

Several offenses were noted followed by repetitious down downs for sequential headgear violations (Head...who said head??)

Finally we couldn't stand the high temperatures, stunning sunlight and balmy breezes longer so the circle was closed with the Hash Hymn and we adjourned across the road to a lovely little restaurant for some excellent bean soup. (Perhaps some of our number created their own "wind" afterward.)

ON! ON! to next week and Baldric's Hash

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