Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feb. 24th 2008 - Hash 886

The Hash weather Gods were really grinning with us
this week. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we
did a trail laid by Jaws. We went out to Obudai
(Hajogyari) Siget where I had never been before. I
have looked at this area many times on the map
thinking it would make a good Hash venue and this was
proven out by yesterday's trail.

A dozen folks showed up to sign the "Hash
Book" which made an appearance after a long absence.
Attendees were myself, Jaws (the Hare), Haggis,
Incredible Hulk, Smokey Donkey, Cunning Linguist,
Nicola, Heather, Darina, Run by Batteries, French Made
and Martin. There was a bit of milling around at the
start as it was initially thought that the pack would
park in one area while the beer wagon went on ahead
and parked near the finish on the island. However, in
the end we all parked on the island. The start was
delayed a bit more by some who decided they wanted to
sit in a car and listen to music while the rest of us
waited and waited. Finally we set off on foot together
crossing back over the bridge and going to the start
near a HEV stop on the Buda side of the river.

As I mentioned it was a beautiful day but
this made the idea of an outing attractive to many,
many people and the island was pretty crowded. In fact
several of the marks so carefully laid by Jaws had
been destroyed or damaged by non-hashers out for the
day. This caused some confusion in the ranks but Jaws
managed to keep us on course to a nice little beer
stop in the middle of the island. Following that we
"waddled" back on the trail which took the runners
down along the rocks at the waters edge. At this point
Jaws attempted to give a short cut to the following
walkers by marking the check that led to the beach
trail so the walkers could simply dally along on the
upper path to the On-In. Unfortunately he forgot that
that path was also marked further along as a false
trail. This created some consternation among the
walkers but, as Hashers always seem to do, they
eventually sussed out the situation and decided to
head (HEAD...Who said Head?) back to the parking lot
where the circle was to be held. It was a lovely
trail, on the flat and of just the right length for
the group with checks placed to keep the walkers close
(at least up to the beer stop.).

On returning to the parking lot some of the
walkers immediately jumped in their vehicle and took
off. Never a Fare-the well, Kiss my A-- or any sort of
a good bye to the rest of us. We were left standing
dumbfounded waiting for them to join the circle. This
was truly BAD FORM. While it is true that the first
rule in Hashing is that there are no rules, we do try
to follow the basic precepts of etiquette and common
courtesy. This includes showing respect and
consideration for your fellow Hashers. All of us were
disappointed with this behavior.

We didn't let it upset the circle which was
a good one albeit a bit smaller than it should have
been. The mysterious "vanishing" orange cups
materialized and were well used by the group. The Hare
was given his down-down followed by others receiving
them for real or perceived (or simply made up)
offences. There was singing, mirth and merriment to
the consternation of many members of the non-hashing
public who were passing by.

After closing the circle we adjourned back
across the bridge to a lovely little near by
restaurant where we dined very well and at reasonable
prices. Wine and beer flowed while the Hash gorged
itself on the excellent food and enjoyed the
fellowship and good company. All's well that ends well
and those who stayed to the end had a full and
enjoyable day. Pictures follow.


PS: There are still a number of outstanding
"write-ups" past due. I know that French Frog Legs has
missed a few, French Made also owes one (Is this a
French trait???), "Romantic" Sanja has one outstanding
and I am not certain but even Run-by-Batteries may owe
one, although that may be the one owed by French Made
(There was some confusion one Sunday with much
"passing the buck" on who was to do the write up.).
This situation came up in conversation while we were
eating and it was agreed that there may exist a bit of
apprehension among some to whom English is not their
native tongue. It was stated that they may feel there
might be criticisms of their write-ups. Let me assure
you that is NOT the case. Any linguistic glitches are
ignored and we all enjoy reading the write-ups of the
trails we have done. The English speakers here
apologize for our inability to speak/read/write
Hungarian and are very grateful for the language
skills of the rest of you who are able to handle
several other languages including English. Further to
this if anyone does have this apprehension, Please do
a write-up and forward it to me. I will be more than
happy to go over it quietly and confidentially with
you until YOU are satisfied with the product. I will
not in any way detract from your thoughts or

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