Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 2nd, 2008 - Hash 887

Hash #882 ???
Hares: Giving Head and Baldric
Hashers: Jaws, Bang Cock, Rabies, NFG Chilla, NFG Jason, Haggis, Incredible Hulk

“ ….Why don’t we surprise Sex Tax and Pussy Willow….?”

Was one of the subjects of conversation at the Hash Lunch. Indeed, there was already a circle huddled together under ONE umbrella as I arrived late at Batthyany Ter. and the heavens had opened whilst waiting for the elusive Sex Tax and Pussy Willow. My hope that they would turn up late and I would be spared the wrath of Bang Cock were forlorn, as the Hashers were keen to get going, and out of the rain with some haste.

But before we could start, we already lost one ‘brave’ prospective hasher who decided she would rather go home. But all praise to her to have atleast made the effort to get to the gathering point on a horrible day. So the remaining 9 piled hurriedly into the two cars and were grateful to momentarily get into some shelter. Luckily, or simply that Haggis took pity on the Hashers who faced a long journey out of Budapest by public transport, she offered to stay and do the Hash and use her car.

The Trail had been laid the day before in a thunderstorm, some way out of Budapest on the road to Esztergom in the area known as Pilisvorosvar. We understand that Giving Head and Baldric had fun doing so, and had retired into the Microbrewery (which was to be the Beer Stop at the end of the trail) afterwards for some consolation. Baldric let on that they were there till 1000hrs., although was that until 10am that morning or 10pm the night before?

Had the weather been better, it would have been an excellent trail; thought it was still very good albeit a bit challenging. We certainly had a little hiccup trying to get there. The Hares had anticipated taking public transport, and so were confused as to how to get there by car; not least because the train we were supposed to catch ultimately was not due for another hour and as it was an A to B trail cars had to be parked accordingly! The confusion and the total loss of memory by Giving Head could be attributed to the night before…..but we did eventually arrive at the start point. The drivers and Giving Head then left the pack to ferry the cars to the end point and would come back in the second car.

So we waited for them at the station (the name I can’t pronounce let alone remember). As the station waiting room was closed we waited in the cold and the wet. And we waited…..and waited…..and waited! Giving Head must have forgotten the wonders of modern technology, or was it due to the amnesia from the night before or the morning after? Meanwhile, we were mistaken for ‘pilgrims’ by a ‘local’ woman. But we continued to wait. Then rabies started his laughter therapy, which kept us amused for a while. Eventually, Baldric called Giving Head to find out where they were. It turns out that there was another change of plans and rather than drive back in a car, they had decided to wait for the train; and would be with us in a few minutes.

We then had a joke (who said joke?) that hopefully they had got on the correct train going in the right direction; but that joke (who said joke?) wasn’t going to be very funny (like some of Bang Cocks) if indeed they had found themselves back in Budapest! But alas as the train pulled in and stopped there bounced out three familiar hashers. So we could begin at last…..but not before the hash photo and a joke (who said joke?). So Bang Cock accosted a very beautiful young woman to do the honours, and then offered to repay her favour…. but she ran away. However, Bang Cock did succeed in taking her photo, which is probably now enlarged into a poster. And so the trail began. Surprisingly, or maybe not given the weather, there were 6 runners and 3 walkers. Perhaps that is significant….

The trail for the runners would have made a military training run look like a walk in the park! Luckily the weather had calmed down and stopped raining; in fact we had sunshine as well, but the muddy paths required extra attention. It was a great run, nevertheless, and surprisingly some check points were still visible. The walkers generally took a different, gentler, trail; and as it is always sods law, just when one of them decides to relieve themselves believing the runners to be nowhere near, a bunch of runners do happen by to witness her embarrassment. Rabies might have been concerned as she was wearing his coat at the time!

NFG Jason (why is he still NFG? Please note Mismanagement) decided that it was time for lunch at his normal feeding time soon after we started. So he proceeds to snap at the flies, and succeeds in swallowing one. Delicious. And provided him with some of the protein for the day.

And so we continued to negotiate the trail, running and walking. Until we came to the construction site of a pipeline. As we examined the pipes, we noticed that the new pipework in the distance was not connected yet. So I, Jaws, had the bright idea of riding down inside the pipe to the bottom a few hundred meters away! Brilliant! Was I brave enough to do it? I was surprised how enthusiastic the others were at chucking me down the pipe and into the black hole, with little concern for my safety. Thanks…..not!

But we all emerged safely at the end point, and were most grateful to retire to the Microbrewery discovered by the Hares. And what a find…..a large (Korso) beer for a measly 250 Forints. But it seems since Baldric had been there the night before, or perhaps because he was still there that morning, the price of the beer had been put up already. Perhaps they heard the BPH3 were arriving and decided to make their year’s profit that weekend. We hope to return there in the future. Especially as they allowed us to have the circle out on their patio with our beers. They must have thought we were mad to go out in that weather, and decided to amuse us. The circle attracted the usual ‘punishments’ and penalties; but one that I have to protest is when I was brought into the circle for feeding a fellow Hasher a duck the previous week, which didn’t agree with her weak stomach!

The only problem with the Microbrewery was that they did not serve food, so reluctantly we went on to another restaurant, which was located right at the edge of a lake, and a beautiful setting. As the weather turned nasty again, we were grateful to be tucking into our meals indoors, enjoying a few jokes (who said joke?) and laughs, some at the expense of other Hashers ofcourse! “ ….Why don’t we surprise Sex Tax and Pussy Willow….?”. If you don’t want a Hash at your house or want to be at the receiving end of a joke perhaps you need to be at the Hash…..

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