Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 17th 2008 Hash #906 - Gellert

Hare: Broken Rabies

The lost and found hash

As you know it’s a religious experience whenever Rabies sets a trail. For all you “lost” hashers, be aware that Rabies has threatened to set more and more trails. Heed my advice today, don’t let Swiss Ball Marking (not that is SBM not SMB) take over the hash.

Last Sunday - usual meeting place and as usual, we were late! Hell we take a lot or organizing to get out of the house before midday on Sunday. But we were a full contingent of IIa’ers with the Hash Puppy in toe. A great start to the run through the castle district, a small dispute with some authority figures extended out trail. But who could complain about being in such a lovely place when its 30degrees.

We soon left the Var and headed in Gellert direction, to where I was told Rabies lived. So at each corner I expected the trail to end. How wrong I was. It went on and on. Come & Go walked with Eagle Eye on his shoulders as she was already tired. I also thought he had the Hash Puppy, so took advantage to chat and chat, vaguely watching for blobs.

We had a park stop and sang Father Abraham to the modern founding father of Turkey. Then it was off again and I was becoming impatient to know where Rabies lived (AKA, the end of the trail). Around this time I asked Come&Go where the Hash Puppy was. He seemed to have also been chatting too much and had lost sight of her (potentially dangerous and she is not de-sexed yet).

Sex Tax and I decided to put a bit of energy into it at this time and sprinted off to find the FRB’s to see if they had the Hash Puppy or had at least seen her. As ST and I almost went into cardiac arrest the FRB’s were seen reversing back to Rabies house (they had simply run on by) and the Hash Puppy was safely with them.

It is interesting to note that the Hash Puppy could not move on Monday and did not dig up any part of the garden that day due to being utterly exhausted…we will be bring HP back for more exercise with the FRB’s.

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