Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July 27th Hash #903 - City Park

Hare : Frustrated Frog + NFG B

Scribe: Can't Say No

Le On On Y Va Run

We meet per usual at Batthany Ter. I was late as I brought le hash puppy with me, thus set task of writing le run report. Le run started at Heros Square and of course we all lost each other before le trail even started.

Approx. 5 minutes after starting we had le beer arret. A welcome relief due to le heat. Then it was on on around the park through les enfants playground and down down le slide. Le blobs were somewhat difficult to find in le correct order but we managed with a little help from les Hares.

Le circle was by hosted by le St A. and we bevenued several virgins who we hope will be be back. If you had not guessed already le run was set by le French Frog and la Bee.

Until le prochain run,
Can’t Say le NON

Run Report submitted by Le Hash Puppy: Goldie
Sniff sniff, oh yes scratch a little bit more to the right.
Snuff snuff, yep I like all this attention. Run and but more but never over exert oneself.
I might be back – especially if I can fart in the car and blame it on Mommy again!

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