Monday, January 4, 2010

1st Hash of 2010

Run Report 9.. written by Haggis

Hares: Andrea (Ropy Tits), Giving Head

Runners: Incredible and Rabies

Walkers: Eager Beaver, Haggis, Agi, Anikó (visiting from England)

We had our coldest Hash run/walk on this snowy, windy and frosty Sunday morning. Giving Head gave a helping hand to a Virgin Hare, Andrea who was baptized later but at this point she was still Andrea.

Very cleverly the trail was well prepared the day before, all the flour was layed but the problem was that snowing started later so white flour under lots of white snow was not very easy to detect ......|

The hares were not enthusiastic or smart enough to reset the trail early in the morning before the hash with red pepper ... but GH requested Incredible Hulk to put a bottle of Uni-come into the beer bag hoping that drunk hashers would not need guidance in the snow.

The beer arrived late because Haggis had to run home to charge her phone leaving the Hashers freezing to death waiting.

„Agi (Turner) needed Incredible to give her something to warm her up before she would start the walk - when she was satisfied the Hash started” (quote from Incredible)

The trail started mercilessly up and up a steep slope and continued up some steps. Some less fit Walkers almost went home. (Ten Minutes Late would have enjoyed it.)

The Hare shouted when the runners reached a check, as they were invisible under the snow (so how could the runners find the trail of invisible flour?)

Then the trail took us up more steps, then into the woods. At he hill top we had a very good hash view of Budapest. As some hashers were still feeling cold we had a Father Abraham stop at the top.

It was a bit slippery downhill but finally we found ourselves in the most posh ever beer stop at the Árnyas restaurant with turn-of-the-century decor, striped wallpaper and an elegant stove Three hashers had mulled wine but the rest of the pack went for beer. When we saw the menu, decided to go back to the resto to eat. The hashers were so hungry that GH allowed them to cheat and get on a bus to reach the beer car.

During the circle everybody was freezing so Unicum rescued us, especially GH, who had a lot of down-downs but also kept pouring this wonderful brown stuff into other hashers’ glasses.

Then the solemn moment(s) of Andrea’s naming came. Due to the freezing wind hashers accepted the only one suggestion: Ropy Tits (for those who were not present, it refers to her hobby of being tied up... hence "rope", with a second meaning of "ropy" - British English meaning of ropy being slang for poor quality or inferior).

The the circle finished with Swing Low and the pack rushed back to the beer stop to eat (except Rabies).


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