Sunday, January 31, 2010

#1000 Description

Since losing track of our hash numbering over the past 10-20 years due to senility and maybe too much drinking... By the slaughtering a fattened calf and many doves to the hash Gods, it has been divined that early this June, Budapest Hash House Harriers, Hungary's premier hash, conditions will be most favorable to host our 1,000th hash....especially since many of our members are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Through tremendous team spirit, marinated with healthy doses of beers, more than a few Shut The Fuck Ups, we have mismanaged concockting a weekend we are sure you will your first case of crabs. Surprisingly we want to share it with you, again, like your first case of crabs.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I am sure you all heard about our monumental #900th run 2 years ago, we still reminisce about it around the camp fire while roasting marshmallows. Well it seems you can in fact start too late with getting out information, 2 weeks proved not to be enough for you people to get your shit together.

We've learned!

Start your clocks, you now have 4 months to plan to get your asses to Budapest to join us for the once in a lifetime hash.

I have ZERO reservations in saying this will be the best Budapest Hash House Harriers #1000 run EVER!!! (you can tell I am serious because of the 3 exclamation marks)



Click here for the registration form and more details....


Csilleberc Rec Center

Click Galeria then Szallas for room photos

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