Monday, May 10, 2010

Hash Trash for 09 May 2010

to and through Rupp-hegy

Hares Natasha and Igor

For those faint hearts who “chickened out” and didn’t come to the Hash because they were afraid they might get a little wet, you really missed a good trail and a beautiful day.

I must say that this was one of the better trails I have been on since I have been here in Budapest. It was very well marked with marks being set close enough to give that “warm, fuzzy feeling” when you know you are on trail. That means there were many marks placed even along straight runs and not just one at the beginning and the next 10 km further along.

The trail was challenging and we all got a bit of a work out but it was doable. The checks were clearly marked and there were several “Hash Scenic Views”. The runners even had an opportunity for and impromptu beer stop and almost joined a wedding party.

Some of gathered at Battyhanyi (Zsuzsa GH, Csilla HS, Andy CB and myself BC). Since the hares had gone out to lay the trail they informed us where we had to go to meet them. We jumped on the 19 tram following GH who had the instructions. Unfortunately GH got to gabbing with HS and we missed the stop where we were supposed to get off and transfer to another bus. We trundled on down to Gellert, got off, crossed the tracks and caught another tram to take us back to Erszebet hid where we hopped on a number 8 bus. We only had to wait about 5 minutes and during that time we had a very light drizzle and that was the only time we had any rain all day.

We stayed on the number 8 bus past Farkasreti temeto and into what was to me terra incognito. I believe we left the bus at a stop on Torokbalinti ut just before it turns left onto Gazdagreti ut. There we met the Hares and Marina who had gotten there before us. The hares had found a very nice little restaurant with an outdoor patio and were waiting for us there.

We were given a bit of trail instructions advising us that there was a trail split for walkers and runners and Natasha advised the runners not to stop for beer at the top of the hill. (We definitely forgot this advice!) She also suggested that the walkers take that trail also if they felt like it as it would be interesting. Actually GH, CB and myself were the runners and HS and Marina walked with the hares.

Off we went down a narrow lane which promptly turned uphill. After a bit of a climb we got onto a trail which took us across Rupp-hegy for a scenic view. There were actually two scenic views on this section. We continued on, got back on a lane and came to a check. The true trail there broke left passing a number of barking dogs until we came to another check on the road. This one took us on a overgrown trail still going uphill (huffing and puffing) to another narrow lane which was the trail split for runners and walkers and we had a scenic view of a scenic trash pile.

The walkers trail went off to the right down the lane and the runners trail went up a narrow muddy leaf covered trail through the woods. It was a beautiful trail though and again well marked but it did go up and up and up. Finally we reached the top and a parking lot and realized that we were at a restaurant we had stopped at many times before but had always come in from the other direction. I forget the name of it but we have often stopped there after runs starting from the end of the number 90 bus near the nuclear research center. This is where we had our beer stop and saw the wedding party.

After refreshing ourselves it was back on trail. Now it was easy. Again the trail was narrow and through the woods but is was down and down and down but still well marked. After going down for about 20 km (LOL) we came to a road which took us left to civilization. Here we had another scenic view before continuing on down on the narrow lanes. I went the wrong way starting from there and when GH and CB found marks going the other way I told them I would just keep going on the way I was heading (Head…who said head!) and would cut across somewhere further on.

They went their way and I went mine but it took much longer to get over to the lane they were on than I thought and I actually crossed the trail twice before I finally caught them at an intersection. I must say that there are many beautiful homes in that area. From there it was a short jog down to the start and the hares and walkers were waiting for us on the restaurant patio. All in all a very good hash and Kudo’s to the hares.


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