Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday June 4th 2010 - pre- #1,000 Pub crawl

Meeting, Baggage Storage, Starting and Finishing Place:

Fehér Gyűrű Club Söröző (Click for map) "White Ring Club Beer Pub", Balassi Bálint utca 27 V District.

Start Time: 18.00hrs/6pm

Bring with you: Pencil/pen, comfortable running/walking shoes, money, be prepared for inclement weather (optional), brain, team members (optional), camera (optional)

You will be asked to organize yourselves into teams of two or more, OR you can do this on your own. There WILL be BEER STOPS en-route. Budapest Hash House Harriers will give you cash equivalent to FIVE beers, which is one beer at each BEER STOP. You do have the option to decide how and where you spend it.

In ADDITION, you will be given DISCOUNT vouchers which will entitle you to a generous discount off the normal price of beers at the BEER STOPS. You CAN have as many drinks as you want, at any of the designated BEER STOPS and in exchange for these vouchers you will be given a discount. Discount Vouchers will be freely available from the Hare, Jaws.

There is no fixed time to complete the course, and you can chose to run or walk, BUT the tradeoff is simply that if you run, you will be able to spend more time drinking at the BEER STOPS, than if you walk. HOWEVER, you MUST be at the Finish point by 2230hrs for your transfer to your accommodation which will be at 2330hrs. Maps will be provided.

In case of problems, call Jaws on +36 30 290 2389

Have a good wun!

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