Monday, August 30, 2010

Trash...last Sunday in August 2010

Run Report for Hash number one thousand and rumpty plonk.

There was a fair gathering of regular hashers at the meeting place on a sunny last-August-Sunday morning. It was good to welcome our visiting ex-GM and Pussy Willow again, with Run by Battery, Sunny Side Up, Flat Tyre, Hot Steam, Haggis and Incredible Hulk plus Rabies paying a flying visit since he needed to go to his grand daughters birthday (or was it great grand daughter? I forget) which he seemed to think was more important than hashing (since his private parts may become damaged by a bottle of Tokai Sweet if he failed to return).

The live hare was IH, so after parking up at the nuclear research station near Norma-Fa, IH took his flour supplies off into the Fa (wood).

The band of hashers followed, using most of their energy on oral activities, so there was not much chance of them catching up with the hare. The trail followed the road in a South-Westerly direction to the road’s end before the first check, with a nice long false trail marked with an “X” (as were all the false trails on this live run, in the knowledge that the hare was well ahead of the pack at all times). The trail went left, then down to the right beside the large green field, surrounded by a new tall fence – it used to be an easy walk along the fence, but the new fence was 3 or 4 times as long, going very much deeper into the forest. The butterflies and other insect life were interesting and numerous in this undisturbed area where few walkers had passed through. Eventually the path arrived at the wide gravel track, and back into warm sunshine on this somewhat comparatively chilly day after the 30C days of summer. The trial, when the false trails had been followed, went right then right again and up the hill to the old memorial glider wing mounted on the top. The hashers stopped and took in the view for a while here on this very clear day, where we could see forever. Although I was the hare, from this point I could see the hashers from a vantage point on the next hill. So as they moved off following the arrows taking them across country down the slope to the trees, some of them trotted off to pollute the trail behind the trees in full view of IH on the distant hill (notes taken for the DDs later). The trail was a little difficult to follow here, with blobs on rocks and the few small patches without too much grass, but with Sex Tax leading, the band managed to struggle down the hill, with loose rocks and a difficult surface, Haggis helped the injured RBB down the slope (I had forgotten seeing her wearing an ankle support at the start of the trail!). The trail went on down-down-down into the forest to another check with a nice long falsie, and then up to the right back to the gravel track, straight across and up the next hill, where IH was resting at the top, watching all the gliders taking off from the field below. The hashers eventually made it to the top, where Hot Steam told everyone how she had just seen a snake (a male hasher polluting the trail or real wild-life? You should ask her…). The hashers seemed happy with their trail, having taken about an hour and a half to reach this spot, with a lot of good views, sunshine, wonderful countryside and the chance for a good long natter. So after watching the gliders together, the group headed back to the car (some walkers still talking so much they took the wrong path, but getting there OK in the end). A circle was held with IH as RA for the day, with all taking different DDs for returning, polluting, pointing and the usual offences. Then after a rousing hash hymn, all agreed to go to the Jokai Resto for hash-grub. The building has been renovated by new owners, the Jokai soup not quite matching the standards of the previous owners, but all the food was good and the service was as good and friendly as ever. The terrace being in the shade, and he day being cool, all the hashers were adorned with large bright green or yellow blankets kindly supplied by the resto. The hash discussions covered the usual range of topics, phallic objects and the Chinese food and customs and other equally interesting items… Everyone seemed to have had a good day as they headed off in their different direction (to meet later either at a concert in Pest, or at a csango dance-house at the citadel) maintaining the good hash tradition of having a good time with friends!


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