Monday, October 4, 2010

Hash 1090 – 03 October 2010 – SAS Hegy

Hash 1090 – 03 October 2010 – SAS Hegy

It was a beautiful Sunday as was evidenced by the size of the group that showed up for the Hash. Of course the crowd could have been because someone had let slip the news that Our Belgrade emigrants had returned for the day and all wanted to welcome home Pussy Willow and Sex Tax if only for the day. (Actually they had arrived Saturday to enjoy Soft Pawn’s wonderful Chili Feast)

There was no hare and no trail had been set or planned but this did not deter Run-by-Batteries from collecting the Hash cash. Then she and Jaws set out immediately to spend it on beer and water. (No! It wasn’t just for the two of them but was for the Hash!) After some discussion it was decided to revisit one of our favorite venues, SAS Hegy.

There were sufficient vehicles so everyone mounted up and off we went to the road behind the Novotel Expo Center where we parked. The Incredible Hulk was a bit under the weather and most others weren’t leaping about looking for a run so we decided to make it a walking hash for the whole group.

We took off climbing the hill on the way to the nature reserve with the lead changing hands many times from Eagar Beaver and Bang Cock to Giving Head and NFHN Joseph to Sex Tax and Easy Head Job and others while Mamma-San and virgin Zoltan brought up the rear. After much huffing and puffing we arrived at the gate to the SAS Hegy Nature Reserve. We all went inside and actually paid our entry fees. (I suspect that was because several had a desire to “use the facilities).

While we milled about, someone, either Giving Head or Haggis, arranged for us to join a guided tour. I must admit that this was very interesting and the lovely young lady who was our guide proved very knowledgeable. Many thanks to Haggis for her excellent translation of the information.

After our guided tour we followed the path to the top of the hill and enjoyed the view and even saw where Haggis’ building is located on the map. Finally we stumbled back down the route we had taken going up and returned to the cars where we held the circle on the grass behind the Expo Center.

Giving Head was nominated and did a fine job as RA, calling out the returnees who were legion, identifying our virgin, Zoltan, and awarding punishments. Our Master of Music, Hot Steam, proved up to the occasion and had a song for every item. We muddled through to the end then closed with the Hash Hymn and adjourned to the nearby Golden Bridge (?) etterem for a restful and enjoyable lunch.


PS: Some pictures to be sent separately...

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