Monday, November 22, 2010

Hash 10XX | Remete hegy | November 21st 2010

The Remete hegy (Remete hill) run #10XX, 21 November

The pack assembled at the usual place of just opposite the exit of the Batthyanyi ter metro stationby the wall of the embankment, at 11:30. The RA had done the necessary with the weather; no rain although some thought that it might snow. It was interesting to see some ‘new’ faces although sadly none were (hash) virgins. It was also interesting to see those who did not attend this week: perhaps they had better offers or was it the fact that they had heard that there would be no chance to shop on the hash this week?

When it was time to depart the cry was hear, “who has a transit pass”? If so, then your chauffeur is waiting for you, in the metro. The others will have to squeeze into the car. The metro trip was short, in fact just a single stop. We then moved onto a tram moving away from of the city and rising up the hill. Then, when the tram could go do further, it was time to take a bus and so it was the pack finally came to the Budaliget/Szaszszorazep Villapark area.

At the starting point we were met by the hares Angela & Nata sipping coffee. They had prepared themselves for the weather. Soon the run started and as expected the run went to the top of the nearby hill and the view was appreciated by most.

As most of the leaves have not fallen from the trees it was an easy trail to follow although the check points caught many unawares. Upon one occasion much interest and discussion took place at the site of a wild boar rutting hole.

Soon it was back down and around the hill. Due to form the pack proceeded through the centre of an (outdoor) church although some would refer to it as a park.

After the run champers appeared as it was Nata’s birthday.

The circle was called and pleas from the guilty were heard before they were punished with a down down. When asked of the run no complaints of it being too flat were heard this week. In fact the general feeling was that the hares RBB (Nata) and EHJ (Angela) are to be commended. It was a run which all enjoyed and it has set a new standard for others.

Just three survivors were able to find the ON Dinner (restaurant). The rest of the pack were either too weary or had better offers.

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