Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hash #....this is why so few get posted

If you want to know what so few Hash Trash's get posted anymore here is a perfect example. It was written by Sunny Side Up, posted to RunByBatter then reposted on the message board. Nice trash but too much of a formatting mess to make much of.

Scribe: Sunnyside up

> Our hare was Trigamist, flown in for the event. Our
> pre-valentines hash was particularly celebrated by
> Pussy-willow looking magnificent in pink.
> A select few expert 'flour graders' set off
> from the cog railway at 'Svabhegy'? and went
> searching for lost flour, to scoop up some for another
> time, as the runner's trail was pristine and unused.
> Must say the runners were missed as Blue Jeans, SexTax, Run
> by batteries, Pussy willow and myself had to manage the
> many check points through the woods ourselves. The ground
> was crisp and uneven, but with no glorious mud. Someones
> lost ball and a makeshift bat provided 2 minutes of
> entertainment with a quick game of cricket to amuse the
> 'barmy army'. It was soon over as the ball was
> whacked far away into the outback and lost forever. We came
> across a US embassy holiday home with 'do not
> trespass' signs written in English, so we didn't-
> not so sure if the non-english speaking Hungarian public
> would know to stay out. Then we came across what must have
> been one hell of a 'buli' at some point, as there
> were so many bottles littered around. It was very close to a
> nice little clearing, where it looked as thought there had
> been much rolling around. as grass was flattened. It was a
> pretty romantic valentine spot with a nice view, a touch of
> spring, the trees coming into bud and with many tits
> flying around the area, little, great and blue. We learnt it
> was the spot where a little sunbathing took place in laying
> the trail the day before. Trigamist managed to come up with
> a needed trigpoint for the record, which Run by batteries
> managed to scale for a good photo shot, but a later photo
> call was missed when Sextax decided to sit down
> unexpectedly on a steep path.
> We all finished together for the circle. We made
> sure we interrupted Rabies's afternoon with a rousing
> chorus of happy birthday to him and then declined the
> suggestion for a meal, so poor Trigamist has had to go back
> to the UK without a nice bowl of Hungarian bean soup,
> although he was awarded with a plastic beer mug to treasure,
> that had been carried all the way back from the OZ cricket
> tour. making Blue Jeans quite envious. Enough of this
> dribble!
> On On
> Sunny Side Up

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