Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hash on March 13th. 2011

Hash on March 13th.
Attendees: Giving Head, Stiff Nipples, Natasha (hash name?), NFHN Marina, Smokey Donkey, Pussy Peddler
Hare: Ten Minutes Late

If you cannot see your name here, all the recollections you might seem to have from that day are the mere product of your imagination! Punktum.

There are various kinds of intelligence. Traditional-sense intelligence. Social intelligence. Emotional intelligence. Standing-in-the-right-bus-stop intelligence. At least at one of these i must prevail. :)))
To sum it up: if you want to get to the cemetery, just ask Ten Minutes Late.
We took the cogwheel to go up the hill. Were wondering why it needed a number as it was numbered no. 60, having no other cogwheel line, it did not make much sense. All the way up and then at the beer stop Smokey Donkey was complaining about Hungarian ways. Well, I don't say it was not true.

There was a beer stop near the end station of the cogwheel, where they were a bit struggling with some challenges regarding service, we might say they were handicapped servicewise.

After a short walk we arrived at the other part of the mountain by the big Farkasrét cemetery.

Then decided to go to a place called Barack. (With your knowledge of Hungarian, most of you will think it was named after the US President. And I won't stop you.) Stood in the wrong bus stop for a few minutes, then rushed to the right one, thanks to someone's bus-stop intelligence. :)

At Barack, we formed a circle. Around a table with beers on it. While sitting. And drinking.

The Russian girls were not eating much, as Natasha was explaining, she was fasting, meaning some vague things, like, for example, she would not eat more than one egg, i mean more eggs than one. And the Russian girls were also saving up for next year's Russian ball, which costs almost 30000 HUH, but what's life like without a chocolate fountain once you know what a chocolate fountain is like? Hmm?

On on
Pussy Peddler

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