Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 24th - Hash #853 with F. Abraham

Hare: Rabies (rábisz)

They were not economic with the truth on our website where it states, and I quote, "even the most hung-over hasher can find the meeting point." And so with a somewhat delicate start (for some), BPH3 convened alongside the Duna at 11h30.

The temperature 32C, pressure 1010 hectopacals, and humidity 33% for those who care.

After mismanaging the pre-run/walk/moan (delete as applicable) and a HashFlash, IncredibleHulk, StAnus, WetBlanket and LT made haste for a supermarket. Naturally, warm sodas and water were readily available. It might have been a hash crime if the beers were warm too.

The rest of the pack 'took' (and I use this term loosely) public transport to point "A" – where we would, many hours later, finish our run.

Rabies called for the circle, described honestly (as all hashers do) the run; around his block, nice and flat, lots of flour. As we all know, and now love, Rabies was being a true hasher in his description.

We set off for the hills! Bemusing almost every Sunday-stroller with our calls of "on-on," "are-you" and the like. Past trees, Pest views, steps, stones and watering holes, we ran, walked, talked and had a good time. NFG Thomas and LT lost their way somewhere en-route but thanks to StAnus, were picked up and shown the way home. Rabies' excuse was that we were damn slow! A certain degree of relativity might be required.

Eventually the pack ascended the flat hill (backwards if you prefer running downhill) and met for Circle; although we did lose a few blankets that were wet.

Incredible Hulk was RA and led the circle in true hashing style. This called for down-downs, of which there were plenty! Our best offender this week goes to our very own Rabies (who felt the urge to leave early last week for singing). Ironic, because was it not Rabies who introduced a new one-only down-down policy recently? He did not suffer alone, alas, his fellow countrymen (and country ladies) consumed their beverages too.

NFG Thomas escaped unnamed for yet another week whilst NFG Paresh intends to escape the country soon.

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