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June 3rd - #850 Vitorlázórepűlő-tér and HHH

Hares: Wash and Blow w/Baldric and St. Anus

10 Hashers gathered to celebrate an auspicious occasion – the 850th BHHH Run. OK, the purists amongst you may point out that chronologically, the actual auspicious occasion fell on the previous Sunday but due to low attendance, with Hashers having more pressing matters to attend to like grooming the goldfish; early Christmas shopping or in the case of Pussy Willow and Sextax, trying not to wake up to see the wardrobe moving around the bedroom and slurring ‘I’m never going to drink ever again’, revised later in the day to ‘yes, but only a small one’, was postponed until today.

Proceedings began with the solemn ritual of breaking and sharing pogacsa from the best bakery in Budapest. Not a long standing ritual admittedly, this being the first time, but even long standing rituals had to start sometime. The group not traveling in Nata’s car then walked to Moszkva Ter to get the no. 56 tram to Huvosvolgy. Hashers gathered in the car park, where St. Anus was recruited by Run by Battery to help her carry the flowers she had bought from the nearby Garden Centre. Our collective curiosity at just how many flowers she had bought that needed two people to carry was soon dispelled by the sight of two walking bushes coming into view. Rabies, Baldric & Sheila elected to run, with St Anus and Sextax reluctantly agreeing to run/walk, thus undertaking the vital link between walkers and runners.

Unusually for BPHHH, the first obstacle turned out to be an aircraft runway, an item that the hares had completely ignored as they laid the trail. However, displaying true hash commonsense, and as we are all adults, the simple solution of closing our eyes and dashing across seemed perfectly sensible, so we did.

On a practical note for future hashes, when flour can mysteriously disappear between trail laying and the run, Pussy Willows suggestion of using arrows composed of sheep shit will always come in useful.

After a series of encounters with paragliding folk, some of whom were quite frankly just showing off, and near vertical cliff paths, we found ourselves at Harmashatar-hegy, with magnificent views across the city. More importantly, the beer stop was located nearby, which on this occasion served as a lunch stop as well. Baldric continued to experience his sad delusions of being chased by randy buxom waitresses and his claims were met with knowing looks and a quick change of subject.

Excellent Hungarian fare, with lashings of goulash soup and cold Dreher, kept the group quiet for a few minutes until Nora started playing with Baldric’s sausage and relating the story about how it was found in Krakow and has since been brought out and photographed at various international beauty spots – it all seemed very unlikely but we listened attentively and nodded sagely, only temporarily distracted by the arrival of 20 young lyrca clad cyclists, their miserable demeanour probably accounted for by the time and care they took sitting down.

We left the restaurant with Rabies digesting his 25 slices of fat bread and St. Anus bidding a fond farewell to his new pet, Gary the Grasshopper. Gary had undergone a photo shoot by St. Anus and Baldric who used their mighty macro technology to capture the colour of Gary’s eyes. Childish antics ensued whilst Sextax left the group to use the restaurant’s ‘facilities’ with Hashers hiding. Sadly, few items of furniture managed to conceal some Hasher’s body parts and a cry of ‘you bastards’ affectionately fell from Sextax’s lips.

The walk back to the car park was much quicker on account of a following wind (no comment!) and the fact that it was mostly downhill. The circle formed, minus Rabies, who had gone AWOL, probably sleeping off the fat bread in a field somewhere. The RA’s concern for his whereabouts and his desire to wait for his return before starting proceedings was most touching, but the overall view of the group was that the minute we had already been waiting was long enough to delay the consumption of beer and Nora’s naming ceremony.

Two virgins, Rachel and Sheila were duly welcomed and Nora accepted her Hash name – Wash and Blow, with great dignity, reassured by Pussy Willow that it referred to her long felt desire to be a hairdresser and not a result of any scurrilous rumours that may have been circulating recently. Just before the circle closed, it was realised that Sextax had escaped a Down Down, so a new category of offense, being a ‘goody goody’, was created. Sextax, aka Pops or Silver Fox accepted his penalty graciously despite St. Anus making it clear that Silver Fox referred to the vermin rather than to dashing good looks.

As auspicious occasions go, this was up there with the best but Hashers, it can never be too early to start making plans for our 900th gathering.


Your Scribes – Pussy Willow & Sextax

Here is a Link to Photos

Hares: Wash and Blow w/Baldric and St. Anus
Pack: Rabies, Sextax, Pussy Willow, Run By Battery, Smokey Donkey, NFG Shelia & Rachel

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