Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Social at Gödör Klub

Where: This week's social event will be held at Gödör Club
When: Thursday 8pm

There will be live music though I am not sure if it is inside or out. Drinks are normal BP prices and there is a very good outdoor environment.

If it is raining I guess we stick with the traditional meeting place, the Bastille.

On On

Click baby Bursting Bladder if you are still lost.

I guess I really was looking forward to this week's social. So much so that I tricked my mind into reading my clock, digital to make matters worse, as 8:10 instead of 7:10 that it really was. So there I am just outside of the "pothole" when I see "Giving Head" sitting on the parkbench, who was there an hour early to "Give Hungarian" to Hot Flush in exchange for a little French lesson.
Mon stylo est grande et blu
Since I have studied but language to some small degree I thought I would sit in and try to refresh both.

Dark clouds formed just in time to start said social event. In a way it was beneficial since it cleared away some of the riffraff from the seats leaving them for us, and then managed to only spritz for a few minutes. Soon NFG Paresh arrived looking to quench his thirst after a hard day. By this time Hot Flush was getting a bit worried since poor NFG Thomas was lost at Deak ter (just across the street) and she didn't think he would be able to find the largest "pothole" next to the big park in the center of the city. Alas, he did and then we were 5.

Soon came Rabies tanned like one of the ladies, and I use this word lightly, you find out at Rio this time of year. I guess Franky has been enjoying his time up in the sky after shaking us a couple of weeks ago. Then came Baldrick with some tales of woe. He decided to share is misfortune with Wash & Blow by sending her to another bar close to us with a nice similar; Godot, priceless.

There was a local cover band doing their best imitations of Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a few others which I have managed to repress. Later there was a good band playing inside covering rock standards which we could hear well sitting under the uncovering starry night sky. Most people had dispersed for the evening except the usual suspects until surprisingly Cheesy Balls stumbled in at 11:45 for a couple of final beers for the evening.

I guess it could all be summed up like this: People came, Beers were drunk, sailors were killed, music played and everyone left. Sorry it to long to get to this simple point.

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