Monday, September 15, 2008

August 31th - Hash #908 Huvosfold

Hare: Balrdic + Eat Me
Scribe: Oral Orgasm

The Good Weather Hash Gods smiled upon us again this past Sunday. We all met at Batthnyi Ter at 11:30am, but it seems that many people were unable to tell time and arrived much later. After some confusion as to who had cars, where we were supposed to go next and where we were going to start (all this was shrouded in a cloud of mystery by our two Hares, Baldric and Pia), we finally set off for Moszkva Ter. We were then herded onto the number 59 tram and onto the funicular which took us all to our final destination, in Huvosfold. (Sad a Canadian-Hungarian can't spell this word correctly)

We were off to a nice start (little did we know what was to come) with the runners expending their energies finding the false trails for the slower people – the walkers . We wound our way through many nice neighborhoods, finally coming to a street where our walking Hare, Pia, seemed quite confused and looked lost. Apparently, a couple of the flour markers were to be found only under huge piles of dirt. The Hares de Jour forgot to contact the city of Budapest to tell them not to dig up the street on a Sunday thereby confusing us simple folks as to our whereabouts?

While we were waiting for Pia to find the way for us, the last of the walkers finally caught up with us. Now, not many of us can claim to “have felt the earth move under our feet” but Aggie can. She caught up with us and showed us a very nasty looking scratch running from her hand to her elbow. Hmmm, I wonder who or what she was thinking of?

With disaster having been avoided (Pia found the trail and we decided that Aggie didn’t need to be hospitalized), we were back on the trail again. After some more scenic streets and having walked for many kilometers now, we arrived at the top of a gravity defying “hill” where we walkers had to form a “chain gang” to help each other down. Our visiting Hasher, Phyllis (who wouldn’t divulge her age, but we put her anywhere between 0 and 100), took the challenge quite well,considering that she was wearing almost brand new aspiraldas (sorry, but don’t know how to spell this), which were definitely not suited for gravity defying mountain goat trails.

When we thought that it was all over (Pia kept telling us we were almost at our destination), we came to a barb wire fence we had to crawl through, then we had to climb a small mountain, then descend this small mountain. I think by this time, there was some swearing and threats going on towards our Hares de Jour. Then, out of the blue, a green angel appeared – a ranger who showed us an easy way down the small mountain, who held our hands and wasn’t bad to look at. He brought us to another, who then proceeded to lecture us about the protected area we just tramped through. Apparently, there was a conservation project going on and they had seeded the area with special seeds. Maybe Baldric will know in the future that if there is a fence keeping people out, it should not be torn down and ignored.

We finally made it to the top of the next small mountain where our runners were impatiently waiting.

We were all pretty hungry by this time and just wanted to get the circle over with, but noooooo, our fearless Baldric Hare, drew out the circle, giving out as many wrong doings as he possibly could. But, someone did a nice deed and brought a bottle of white wine, thinking of Petra. Sandra also joined in drinking the wine, but it kept disappearing at a fairly fast rate. It was finally observed that Hot Steam was drinking behind everyone’s back. When we ran out, she very vocally demanded more.

Since our circle was in a public park, a couple of old Hungarian ladies complained about the excessive noise we were making, so removed ourselves from the park to the street where we proceeded with the christening Pia, who is now called Eat Me, and Phyllis, who is now called Fill (Phyl?) This Hat. Once the ceremonies were over, we were FINALLY able to go to a restaurant to eat. A few die hearts proceeded to Moszkva Ter Café, where we consumed a bit more alcohol. So, what’s new?

OnOn Oral Orgasm (that means orgasms in my mouth)

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